Hand crafted by women

Sustainable glass bottles

Make in India initiative

No added preservatives

Homegrown ingredients

Gift range & Party packs


Just fruits, herbs and spices, some sugar and filtered water. Nothing else. No chemical preservatives, no added flavours or colours. No thickener. No stabilizer.

  • You can be as creative as you’d like. To keep it simple, you just need to add 1 part tea blend or signature blend syrup to six parts water and shake it up with ice for a nice refreshing drink. You can also simply drizzle them on your ice cream or yogurt. You can use them as a part of your salad dressing, or can also bake with it.
  • You can mix one or more syrups to make your own special Mocktail. You can mix Swa with your cold brew for a beautiful craft coffee. Some amazing cocktails can be made with Swa Syrups as well.
  • When you will check out each product on the shop page, you will see some recipes ideas listed out.

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This varies from flavour to flavour. Our iced teas, you can enjoy with hot water. Our signature blends can be added to a hot black coffee. Both tea blends and signature blends have lemon juice, hence might not go with dairy products. Jaggery Syrup can be added to both hot and cold, milk coffees, and teas.

Best to check about dietary information with a Doctor.

In case they don’t have any special dietary requirements/mandates… Swa is quite safe as it has no added preservatives, colours or artificial flavours.

At Swa Syrups we have implemented all the recommended safety precautions.

About ourselves and our staff:

  • We have a minimal number of hands that touch the products.
  • All of our temperatures readings are taken every day
  • Even within the production area, we have arranged our workplaces with sufficient distancing
  • Entry & Exit of material and people into our premises
  • Only ourselves and our staff are allowed to enter the premises, and after entry we sufficiently sanitize ourselves.
  • All other people (delivery partners, raw material suppliers, customers who come for pickup, etc) are allowed until 6 ft away from the door.
  • All inwarded raw materials are kept idle for 7 days, or properly sanitised before use.