SWA Mojito Mint Syrup

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With SWA's mojito mint-flavoured syrup, making mojitos is super easy. 100% natural syrup, made with a combination of spearmint and peppermint to make the perfect Mint Mojito.

100% Natural

1 Bottle Makes 12 Drinks

Mint From Punjab And Haryana

Mix Drinks In 60 Seconds

Goes Best With White Rum

Handcrafted By Women

180 Days Shelf Life

Ships Tomorrow

What's inside

We source our Mint mainly from Punjab and Haryana, being well known for its rich soil that is said to really enhance the minty flavour! We’ve used a combination of both spearmint and peppermint to recreate that carribean vibe. And since all ingredients are real and natural, the effect of this drink is super soothing too.

Natural lemon juice, dried mint, peppermint, sugar & water

You can add one part Swa Mint Mojito to six parts of water and ice to whip up some delicious mocktails.

You can also do a refreshing Mojito Mint cocktail with some white rum, soda, lime juice, ice and syrup! Add a dash of this Mojito Mint with some shaved ice for some delicious golas! Margharitas, Lemonades & so much more! Only with Swa Artisanal Syrups.


How To Use?


For a mocktail just add 1 part of your Swa Artisanal Syrup to 6 parts water/tonic water or soda. Mix well and add ice!


For a cocktail, just add 1 part of your Swa Artisanal Syrup to a bit of vodka/white rum/tequila/gin/whisky along with some lime juice and tonic water. Mix it well and add ice!


Mojito Mint Cocktail

Stir, garnish and serve!


Virgin Mint Mojito Mocktail

Stir, garnish and serve!

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