Bartenders and mixologists love to create magic, Swa Artisanal Syrups just enables them to do that with our diverse range of fruits, spices, nuts and other creative combinations. We are your extended prep kitchen. We make these cordials using all natural ingredients, just the way they would do to make their in-house syrups. Minus the hassle of training and retraining the staff.

With Swa Artisanal Syrups, make your flavoured sodas in advance, so when the rush hour begins, the team aces service. Afterall faster turnaround time gets more orders.

India has a rich bounty of ingredients, Swa Artisanal Syrups bottles them naturally, so your bartenders can use them year round. Jackfruit, guava chilli, jamun, strawberries, passion fruit, pistachio, kokam and many more.

You are not interested in multiple vendors. We get it. Hence, we have taken the time to do the Triple Sec, Grenadine, Watermelon, Elderflower, Citrus etc too. All Natural, of course.

Elevate Your Bar Experience with Swa

Discover the insider secrets of crafting sensational drinks with Avinash Kapoli, Co-Founder of Jamming Goat & Cocktail Kompany. From prebatching drinks to on-the-fly creations, Swa syrups is their go-to choice for simple reason—100% natural ingredients and unrivalled flavor profiles

Irrespective of which bartender makes the drink at Jamming goat the drink is gonna tastes the same.

Expertly Curated Cocktail Menus Awaits

Shake, Stir, and Spectacular

We also customise for super bulk orders, MOQs apply.