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Swa Artisanal Syrups Are 100% Natural
Made with whole fruits, herbs, and spices, our syrups are free from added preservatives, colours or artificial flavours.Swa syrups make delicious iced teas, lemonades, mocktails, cocktails, and specialty craft coffees.They can also be drizzled on pancakes, yogurt, or dessert!

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Why Choose Swa Artisanal Syrups

Whether you're running a HoReCa business, are a mixologist, or a "let's try something new at home" beverage enthusiast, making drinks look and taste perfect just got easier with Swa Artisanal Syrups. Our wide range of natural, high-quality syrups ensure a consistent taste and flavour in every sip, transforming ordinary drinks into extraordinary experiences effortlessly. Discover the magic of Swa and elevate your beverage game today!

All our blends come perfectly balanced with the fruit, spice, and lemon component. All you need to do is simply mix 1-part syrup, with 6-part water or soda, add ice, and serve.

India grows a wide variety of produce – Tender Coconut, Jamun, Lychee, Plum, Jackfruit, Guava, Passionfruit, etc. that can be used to make delicious drinks and desserts.

Swa ships in glass bottles that you can send back to us for safely sterilizing and reusing them.

Our syrups are hand-crafted in small batches with a lot of love. Our all-women staff is trained and skilled to create our artisanal syrups in the most hygienic and safe conditions ensuring the highest quality, safety, and standards laid down by FSSAI.


I have used these incredibly great-tasting Swa Handcrafted syrups in the past 2 years or more in multiple cocktails and a number of alcoholic drinks and have never been diasappointed. The Quality and the perfection in taste shows the tireless effort put in by the SWA team. I am great fan of Swa products and will always vouch for the products

Avanish Kapoli(Brand Ambassador of Bacardi)

Flavors are difficult & expensive-Swa just made life easy! All I ever wanted was available or made available to me. Unique & easy onthe pockrt are just a few words to describe my creations,Swa has always inspired me to go beyond... To create magic.Rock on!

Neil Alexander-Corporate Mixologist,Windmill craftwork

Swa is one of my favourite syrups. Not just the flavour and texture of the syrup but about how natural they actually feel and taste. Most of which are locally sourced and flavours which India is familiar with but rarely see it on a bottle in the
market. The lack of artificial preservatives, and with all- natural ingredients, is something that will make you love this product, trust it and stick to this brand.

- Ami Shroff - Celebrity flair artist & mixologist -

I have had the opportunity to work very closely with the founder - Vaishali to create crazy combinations, syrups which compliments the coffee or something i want to serve at Third wave. Beverages made using SWA are loved by a patron. Even something as generic as iced tea becomes special with SWA. 

The range that SWA has is unique and no one else has in the market with that quality, people can just go bonkers creating amazing things.

Anirudh Sharma, Co-Founder - Third Wave

I began working with SWA since 2020, and they have developed some delicious syrups which go great in cold brews, and double up as perfect gin cocktail additions, especially the cascara hibiscus. The whole SWA team is a joy to work with, fast at responding and 100% understood my brief which are now successful additions to our menu!

Tyler Ritchie, Head of Roastery, Blue Tokai

Us Bar people can have a never-ending debate on whether to buy readily available syrups, or to make them on our own. SWA are rich natural flavours of what you particularly look for in your drinks. SWA made my life easier when catering to hundreds of people in a busy bar.

SWA comes to rescue when you are hesitant to buy traditional commercially available options and don’t want to compromise on cocktail quality. 

My favourite is their RTM Iced Tea Range.   


Karthik Barlife, Top Mixologist, Byg Brewski and others

First of all congratulations to the entire team for producing this lovely product. In today's world of artificial flavors and colours. SWA had come up with natural alternatives. Not only that, you guys have a fantastic range of flavours.

Keep up the good work.

Pankaj Kamble, Co-founder, Flairology (RIP)

The kid loved it. The combination of syrup + soda + a bit of water or with ice cubes. Made it and it tasted great. Now my kid wants to try the Passion fruit and mojito syrup.

Ajay Chhatwal, Amazon Customer

The Orange mint and coconut syrups were really tasty and mixed nicely with whiskey. Decided to try it out with soda and I was not disappointed. They tasted great with soda as well. 

The syrups are certainly pricey compared to the artificial mixers available in the market, but since these are all-natural they are worth the extra money spent taking health into consideration. Would definitely love to try the other flavoured syrups. 

My rating will be 5/5 for the unique flavours and the taste.

Amarpreet, Amazon Customer

When I first came across the product in the market I was very sceptical, checked the reviews and gave it a shot. Now I ensure there is at least one bottle stocked in my refrigerator.

Siwani Gori, Amazon Customer

We thoroughly loved the flavour of this. We made iced tea and peach tea soda and both were yummy. Some people said it was too sweet, but I disagree. In fact, the iced tea flavour reminded me of Snapple but less sweet. 

Deva, Amazon Customer

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