Swa Sample Pack of 5

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Sourced form across India,the contents are 100% Natural | No added preservatives, colours or artificial flavours | Made with real fruits, herbs and spices | Contains No Alcohol

100% Natural

5 Bottles Makes 10 Drinks

Sourced From Across India

Mix Drinks In 60 Seconds

Tequila Cocktails. Get Recipes

Handcrafted By Women

180 Days Shelf Life

Ships Tomorrow

What's Inside

Sourced form across India,the contents are 100% Natural - No added preservatives, colours or artificial flavours .

Each Sample pack of 5 contains

3 Signature Blends

Lychee Lemon, Jamun Kala Khatta, and Orange Mint.

2 Tea Blends

Passion Fruit Tea and Hibiscus Tea

Easy Recipe

One Part of any Sample bottle, and 5 parts of the preferred drink.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Taniya Saini
Swa Sample Pack of 5

Absolutely love the packaging. The mini sample bottles were bigger than expected. Can't wait to try all these flavors. Brownie points for being a team of lovely women.

Sample Pack of 14

I got the sample pack, so I got to try out a majority of their offerings. Really intense flavours, compared to other concentrates I've used for Soda/juices, I needed much lesser volumes of these.
I found the Passion fruit tea to be extremely good, as also the Mojito Mint - really intense mint but not like toothpaste (which I feel most mint syrups taste like)
The Kokum, Kalakhatta are nice, though I'd prefer them to be stronger on the flavour and lesser on the sugar, in the formulation. Also the Lemon Ginger Nariyal is good too, and again, I would've liked a little more ginger hit, since it is quite sweet. Will probably get a couple of the full size bottles soon. Hopefully they come up with a preparation with Sarsaparilla and Liqourice soon (like a Root beer concentrate, which isn't available easily in India) That's a

Ankur B.(bought on Amazon)
Swa Sample Pack of 5

Given the COVID ‘19 period, picked up cocktail making. But except for get the most common mixers in market, it difficult to get some of the exotic sounding flavourings!
Well, discovered Swa and started with a trial pack. The flavours sounded exotic and led to some nice experiments. They pare well with pretty much all base liquor’s, and are concentrated enough that just a spoonful is enough to get the flavour right. As per the labelling it’s all natural and I have no reason to doubt it.
I just hope the packaging could not be so much if plastic, but otherwise really good one of kind option in the market!

Sparsh B.
Swa Sample Pack of 5

Ordered these flavors to try cocktails at home and these flavors are so good!
Would recommend anyone to get them as they can elevate your party/drinking experience at home.
The orange mint flavor was my favourite from the sample pack!

Swa Sample Pack of 5

Must try ! My favourite were orange mint and pineapple chilly.
Would recommend to try out the sample packs and pick your favourites. Try mixing more than one flavour, the mixing brings out s very good taste.