Summer Berries

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A beautiful blend of strawberry & hibiscus. Natural and subtle flavour profile, perfect for sangrias!

100% Natural

1 Bottle Makes 12 Drinks

Strawberries From Mahabaleshwar

Mix Drinks In 60 Seconds

Goes Best With Vodka & Gin

Handcrafted By Women

180 Days Shelf Life

Ships Tomorrow

What's Inside

We source our strawberries from Mahabaleshwar and to that we add Hibiscus flowers from Mysore, some lemon juice and sugar to create this magnificent syrup. All Natural, of course. The most important thing is that we have been able to capture the actual strawberries’ subtleness here. The thing is that most seasonal fruits have a very muted subtle flavour that is easy to lose while processing it.

Natural strawberry pulp, hibiscus flower petals, sugar & water

You can add one part Swa Summer Berries to six parts of water and ice to whip up a delicious su mocktail.

You can do a elegant Swa Summer Berry Cocktail with some gin, soda, lime juice, ice and syrup! Add a dash of this Swa Summer Berries to your coffee/ tea to bring a new dimensions of flavour! Make Mojitos, Margaritas, Lemonades, Martinis & so much more! Only with Swa Artisanal Syrups!

Customer Reviews

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Rahul ghare
Summer Berries

The product is just great for my cocktails....I have made cocktails of almost all of your flavors and only found it awesome taste ......just as you guys have sugar based syrups...can we also get to taste some spicey or sour syrups for cocktails.....just love the product vaishali .....
Rahul ghare

Summer Berries

Good stuff would buy again

Gaurav Bal
Summer Berries

I enjoyed them very much. Did cocktails and mocktails mostly.

Summer Berries

Very flavourful and made for really good mocktails. Loved the variety!

saurabh luthra
Summer Berries

Tried the Swa Berry syrup with prior reservations but it turned out to be a perfect buy for the Cocktails and Mocktails at home.
It's full of flavour and freshness, packed neatly as well. Comes in a glass bottle and not plastic bottles like other bar syrups.
Mixing was very good and rich flavour blended very well with other ingredients in the cocktail.
Sharing my special recipe:
30ml berry syrup
15ml simple syrup
15ml fresh lime juice
30ml Vodka
30ml Tequila
15ml Triple Sec
Ice & Soda (Tonic water even better)
Garnish with Mint and your Berry Blast is ready!!