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Swa Lychee Love Mocktail Recipe

Juicy, refreshing and sweet, the Lychee is perfect for juices and desserts! Boy, do we love this fruit. Especially when served as a chilled beverage. We've got a great tropical Lychee mocktail recipe that leans toward the South East Asian palate. India is known as the second-largest producer of Lychees with China being the largest. Native to the Southeastern provinces of China, this fruit comes from an evergreen tropical tree. With six sub-species, its cultivation has been documented in history as far as the 11th Century. A delicacy in many dynasties of the Chinese Imperial Court, this fruit was greatly favoured and procured at high expenses. While it's popularly grown for consumption, the Lychee tree is also grown purely as a decorative or ornamental tree! Though it needs a tropical and humid climate for the development of its fruit, the flowers need cooler climates to bud. Its most common culinary uses are in desserts, juices, canned preparations and as Lychee syrups. Interestingly, Lychee wine is popularly made in China. It is renowned for its sweet flavour and rich amber hue. More often it is served as a dessert at events and is even used as a mixer in cocktails. The Lychee is a rich source of vitamin C and other antioxidants, along with providing a good dose of fibre! We've bottled up the goodness of Lychees in the Swa Lychee Lemon syrup, a perfect ingredient for easy-to-make Lychee mocktail recipes. Unlike the synthesised chemicals that flavour many store-bought juices, we've taken great measures to ensure that the true and natural form of this fruit is preserved. Made 100% natural through a fine-tuned extraction and bottling process, this Lychee syrup is free of added preservatives, artificial ingredients and colours. Muzaffarpur lychees meet a tangy tinge of lemon for a delicious flavour. Try out this Lychee mocktail recipe as you unwind from a long day during the week or serve it the next time you host!

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