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SWA Citrus Virgin Mojito Mocktail Recipe

Originally a popular Cuban drink, the Mojito has had a fanbase of many prominent people, like Ernst Hemmingway. It became even more popular since it was featured in a James Bond film. Though made from Rum, a Mojito without alcohol is also known as Mojito! So here's a great Virgin Mojito mocktail recipe that you can try out for a citrusy feel. The origins of the Mojito are unknown (more like tough to pinpoint), but it is widely agreed that its core ingredients, mint, lime and sweet syrup/sugar cane were used as a local remedy for sicknesses. The word Mojito is believed to be derived from the term Mojo, which is 'magic'. Now a common and widely preferred drink, the virgin mojito is an easy go-to for a refreshing sip. The core ingredient for this drink, that really brings out the cooling element, is Mint. Available abundantly in the wild across continents, there are a variety of species and hybrids of this amazing and powerful plant. Known to grow near water bodies and cool areas, it is found all year round. Its Culinary uses range from seasoning, sauces, jellies, curries, syrups, teas and more. It is also a beloved flavour for candies and after-food refreshments. Traditional medicine has also been used for numerous ailments. Our Mojito mocktail recipe uses the Swa Mojito Mint syrup. Made from a combination of Spearmint and Peppermint, the Caribbean vibe comes alive with a dash of lemon to the mix. This soothing preparation is 100% natural, without the use of any artificial ingredients, preservatives or any added colours! So you can whip up a quick and restaurant-quality drink in a matter of minutes without worrying about what you're consuming.

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