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Swa Mint Julep Cocktail Recipe

The Mint Julep was created in the Southern United States and has been historically recorded somewhere since the 18th Century. It was initially used as a carrier liquid for medicines due to it being a sweet drink. It was popularised in 1938, by the Kentucky Derby, serving almost 120,000 of these drinks in just 2 days! It went on to become the official drink of the Derby. They were served in all sorts of fancy ways, some even in gold-plated cups and silver straws, and many times in collectable glasses. Traditionally it was served in silver pewters and was considered a drink of the elite for this reason. These were meant to be held only at the bottom or top edge to keep it cool. Today you can serve them in an Old-fashioned, Collins or Highball glass. Our Mint Julep recipe uses the Swa Mojito Mint Syrup to add that refreshing sweet kick this drink is known for. Made with Spearmint, Peppermint, lemon, we bring the cool and spicy notes mint in an all-natural blend, made without any preservatives, added colours or artificial ingredients.

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