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Hibiscus Martini Cocktail Recipe

A tropical adaptation of the Martini, this spiked sip is perfect for a quaint evening filled with conversation. The original Martini is believed to have been invented in San Francisco and its variations have earned a fan base that includes Hemmingway, James Bond and even Lucile Bluth. The Martini rose to fame during the prohibition period. Its original composition involved Gin and Vermouth, but as the 20th Century saw a rise in the popularity of Vodka, it was altered into this versatile drink. From then on, it has seen many variations to its recipe; from Apple Martinis (Appletinis) to the Espresso Martini. What makes this alcoholic drink stand out, is the ingredient Hibiscus. A flower known to be used in teas, curries, jams and candies, it is savoured for its tart flavour and alluring colour. Not to forget its load of antioxidants and levels of vitamin C, this flower comes packed with a healthy punch. Swa's Hibiscus Tea Syrup uses flowers blended with perfectly brewed black tea, a heavenly artisanal creation. Being completely natural without any artificial ingredients or colours, the true essence of the Hibiscus is brought out in this blend. Vodka being a flavourless base spirit serves as the perfect alcoholic addition when coupled with Orange Liqueur and Hibiscus.

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