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Kokam Mojito Mocktail Recipe

This special and exotic fruit, Kokam, is mostly found in the Asian and African tropics. Growing up to 26 feet high, its evergreen tree is widely found around the Western Ghats of India. It is fondly used as Sharbat and a variety of other Indian preparations. We've got a delicious Kokam Mojito mocktail recipe perfect for the summers or as a fun addition to your dinner parties. There are around 37 species of this fruit. 17 of them are indigenous to India, spreading across the geography of the land. They are even found as far as the Andaman and Nicobar islands! What makes it even more special is that it doesn't require much upkeep, and grows without the need of proper irrigation, fertilisers and even pesticides. The cover of this fruit is usually dried in the sun and used for a variety of culinary preparations. It gives a deep red hue and has a sour flavour. It is often used as an alternative to Tamarind as a souring agent for dishes. In many cuisines, it's used to balance tart ingredients. The oil that is produced from its seed, known as Kokum Butter, is used as a healthy alternative to ghee for confectionery and even chocolates. It is also used as an effective emollient in creams, hair care and cosmetic products! The most popular of all its derivatives is the squash that is prepared from this fruit and drank as a refreshing and flavorful beverage. We've added a slight twist to the Kokam Sharbat and adapted it for a mojito mocktail. For this Kokam mojito mocktail recipe, we've used the Swa Kokam Cumin syrup. A beautiful blend of Kokam brought in from the coasts of Mangalore along with cumin and rock salt to enhance the flavour, the sharbat is all-natural! Made without the use of any added preservatives, artificial ingredients or colours, sip on this rich fruit and get crafty with your creations!

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