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SWA Hibiscus Tea Mocktail Recipe

If you're looking for a fun and exotic non-alcoholic drink to try out, this Hibiscus mocktail recipe is the one for you! Christened 'tangy love' because of the Orange and Hibiscus flavours used that provide an interesting and decadent beverage to sip on. The star ingredient here being Hibiscus, its tart flavour brings a novel touch to the drink. The Hibiscus is widely found in tropical areas, with it also being grown for its beautiful and aesthetic looking flower. There are hundreds of species of it available around the world. For culinary uses, the Hibiscus is popularly drunk as a tea because of its tangy flavour, deep hue and remarkable Vitamin C content. The dried flower is considered a Mexican delicacy. It is also used as a souring ingredient in some cuisines. The Orange, on the other hand, is a juicy addition to the tart notes of Hibiscus, drawing out its flavour in a perfect blend. Believed to have originated in ancient China, Oranges aren't naturally occurring, being a hybrid of the Pomelo and the Mandarin. Another great source of Vitamin C, this fruit is loved for its aroma, and sweet and sour flavour. This Hibiscus mocktail recipe calls for the Swa Hibiscus Tea syrup. Derived from carefully picked Hibiscus flowers and mixed with rich notes of black tea, this syrup is a perfect 'cafe at home' addition to your kitchen. Made 100% natural, without the use of any artificial ingredients, preservatives or added colours, you're consuming a wholesome blend that is authentic in flavour. You can either use store-bought Orange juice or fresh juice, but remember that the taste will differ depending on the type of juice you add to this on account of synthetic ingredients. Try out this recipe on a sunny afternoon or for a fun dinner party at home and serve with light and spicy snacks.

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