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4 Drinks to Serve at Your Kid’s Birthday Party To Make It Unforgettable !

It’s hectic, fun, and can be extremely exhausting. It’s your little Kid’s birthday party! You’ve got cute little party hats & a balance of healthy and junk food. But what about drinks? And no, we are not talking about soft drinks. 

It’s your kids’ special day. And they deserve delicious drinks too! If you want to add some colorful taste & fun then keep reading.

We’ve got all that you’ll need to make your kid’s birthday party a memorable one! The best part? With Swa Artisanal Syrups, you can make any drink within 30 seconds for your kid’s BFFs. In fact, with Swa syrups, you can prebatch these drinks too. 

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    4 Drinks for Kid’s Birthday Party

    Fabulous Fruit Punch

    The ultimate party drink, fruit punch can be customized in dozens of ways to suit your kids’ taste. A unique and refreshing drink can be created by mixing and matching different syrups and fruits for garnishing. Set up a “punch station” at which children can mix their own drinks to make things even more exciting. Let them experiment with different combinations to create their perfect fruity beverage. With Swa, you can give them the fruitiest taste ever, with these flavours – Summer berries, Orange mint, Lychee Lemon, and Mango passion

    Not only birthdays, even if you’re hosting a summer barbecue, or have kids playdate with friends, fruit punch will be a hit with the kids, it’s the perfect beverage to quench their thirst and add some fruity fun to the occasion.

    Luscious Lychee Lemonade

    What’s better than a lemonade? A lychee lemonade, it’s a sweeter twist to your classic lemonade! You can give this twist with Swa’s Lychee Lemon. It’s a refreshing drink that will keep the kids cool and satisfied. Here’s what you need for this new twist: 

    You can add one part Swa Lychee Lemon to six parts of water and ice to whip up a simple yet delicious lychee mocktail.

    You can do a simple Swa Lychee Lemon cocktail with some lime juice, ice and syrup! Make Mojitos, Lemonades, & so much more! 

    To make the lemonade more fun, serve it up in mason jars with colorful paper straws!

    Mint Chocolate Mocktail 

    The easiest way to win kids over? Chocolates. 

    With Swa’s coco mint syrup, you can make the easiest and most delicious mint chocolate mocktail. But how will you take out the time to make mocktails for the excited bunch? It’s simpler than you think! All you need is: 

    • 5 tbsp – Swa Cocoa mint syrup
    • ½ cup – Chocolate Sprinkles
    • 2 scoops – Vanilla Ice Cream
    • ¼ cup – Milk

    Here’s how you can make it in just 30 seconds: 

    • Put two tablespoons of Swa Cocoa mint syrup on a plate. On another plate, add some chocolate sprinkles on top. The rims of two martini glasses should be dipped in Swa syrup, then sprinkled with chocolate.
    • Pour 3 tablespoons of Swa syrup into a plastic bag with a zip-top. Cut a small hole in one corner of the bag. Begin at the bottom of the glass and move upwards to make swirl patterns. Keep the glass aside for now.
    • Blend the Vanilla Ice Cream and milk until smooth. Serve immediately in glasses.

    With the added swirl patterns, it creates a unique experience for all to enjoy. So, next time you’re kids are feeling bored or want to add some excitement to their day, then you can grab some Swa cocoa mint syrup, chocolate sprinkles, vanilla ice cream, and milk, and get ready to create a mocktail that will satisfy their sweet tooth and bring some fun to their day!

    Mangolicious Slushie

    It is a no-brainer, you can never go wrong with the ‘king of fruits’. Mango Slushie with Swa’s Mango Passion is the ultimate party drink for kids. Here’s how you can make it – 


    • 35 ml Swa Passion Mango Syrup 
    • Ice – Feel free to use more or less ice depending on how “slushy” you want the drink to be
    • Mangoes to garnish

    Blend the ice and syrup for 1 minute. You can add some mango slices for a thicker slushie! Once done, pour it into the cup and serve your icy slushie.

    n conclusion, drinks play a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience of a birthday party. To make your party a hit, get the following flavours with Swa in your drinks: summer berries, orange mint, lychee lemon, mango passion, and many more. These flavours not only taste amazing but also add a fruity touch to the celebration. Cheers to a memorable and fantastic celebration that will leave everyone thirsting for more!

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