Vodka Mixer - Pack of 4

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A neutral smooth tasting spirit like vodka mixes well with Sweet & sour berry such as Jamun and also the fruit & spice combination such as the Guava Chilli. Although Vodka is an odourless neutral spirit mixing a fruity & citrusy syrup such as Summer Berries & lychee lemon makes for a very refreshing drink.

100% Natural

4 Bottles Makes 48 Drinks

Sourced From Across India

Mix Drinks In 60 Seconds

Vodka Cocktails. Get Recipes

Handcrafted By Women

180 Days Shelf Life

Ships Tomorrow

What's Inside

We source our Jamun, the black-berries of India from in and around North India - Maharastra and Uttar Pradesh to be exact. They have a tonne of medicinal and health benefits. In India, we’ve always had Jamun with black salt and other spices. The colour that Jamun fruit brings to the drink is what steals the show though.

We source our Guavas from Allahabad, known for it's A grade guavas in India and around the World. The rich and creaminess of the guava coupled with the mouth-watering chillis goes so well with ice and soda! Our women have figured out a way to really showcase the fruit in a way not seen before, with each flavour shining through and complementing each other.

We source our luscious lychees from Muzaffarpur and we have to pulp freeze them, so that this syrup can be made accessible all year round. If food technology has developed, we should make use of it. No need to rely on preservatives, which we know for a fact, are harmful for our bodies.

We source our strawberries from Mahabaleshwar and to that we add Hibiscus flowers from Mysore, some lemon juice and sugar to create this magnificent syrup. All Natural, of course. The most important thing is that we have been able to capture the actual strawberries’ subtleness here. The thing is that most seasonal fruits have a very muted subtle flavour that is easy to lose while processing it.

Jamun kalakhatta Syrup

Jamun fruit with a bunch of spices, sugar & black salt.

Guava Chilli

Guava puree, lemon juice, salt and pineapple juice.

Summer Berries

Natural strawberry pulp, hibiscus flower petals, sugar & water.

Lychee Lemon

Natural lychee and lemon juice, sugar & water

Easy vodka cocktail recipe

25ml Swa Syrup + 60ml vodka + lemon juice (as per taste) + ice + top with a splash of soda/tonic.

Customer Reviews

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Neha Gupta
SWA Vodka Mixer - Pack of 4

Loved the swa mixers with vodka... It was an instant hit for our party

John Xavi
Vodka Mixer - Pack of 4

The syrups taste very natural and it's evident from it's delectable taste. Everyone knows how good swa tastes but it's also of great value!! Highly recommend!! The 4 bottles easily lasted over 50 drinks! INCREADIBLE!!!

SWA Vodka Mixer - Pack of 4

I tried this for the first time and I must say this is just awesome.
I would definitely recommend this product and would love to buy it again.

Dr. Tyagi
SWA Vodka Mixer - Pack of 4

"Taste is very good
Feeling of freshness in cocktail
Its very good product
Will order again"

SWA Vodka Mixer - Pack of 4

The syrups are pretty amazing and convenient , what I like the most is that they are natural and are a quick fix for any event ( cocktail / mocktail)