SWA Peach Tea Syrup

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SWA's 100% natural Peach Tea Syrup, with no added preservatives. A fuzzy blend of peaches infused with some freshly brewed tea, to give you a smooth and rich flavour.

100% Natural

1 Bottle Makes 12 Drinks

Peaches From Punjab And Uttar Pradesh

Mix Drinks In 60 Seconds

Goes Best With Whisky & Vodka

Handcrafted By Women

180 Days Shelf Life

Ships Tomorrow

What's Inside

We source our Peaches from the North – farms in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh to be specific. Typically Peaches have a light floral taste that mellows further as it ripens. Younger peaches have a slight tang of acidity. This taste really complements black tea, hence the iconic popularity of peach iced tea.

Natural peach puree, tea leaves and dust, sugar, water & concentrated natural lemon juice

You can add one part Swa Peach Tea to six parts of water and ice to whip up a delicious Iced Tea.

You can also make a simple Peach Tea Cocktail with some whisky, soda, lime juice, ice and syrup!

Or just enjoy it as a hot beverage. Simply add a dash of the Peach Tea syrup with some hot water and any of your own customizations to enhance the flavours.

Cocktails, Iced teas & so much more! Only with Swa Artisanal Syrups!


How To Use?

Mocktail Ingredients

For a mocktail just add 1 part of your Swa Artisanal Syrup to 6 parts water/tonic water or soda. Mix well and add ice!

Cocktail Ingredients

For a cocktail, just add 1 part of your Swa Artisanal Syrup to a bit of vodka/white rum/tequila/gin/whisky along with some lime juice and tonic water. Mix it well and add ice!

Customer Reviews

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Prasad H.
SWA Peach Tea Syrup

Great syrups..organic.. family loved it.. product well thought of ..

Divya Pai
SWA Peach Tea Syrup

We used the syrup to prepare mocktails and to my surprise, it was really good. The taste is unique. Will buy more and more.