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Our party packs add that special twist to any home party menu. Try it now!

The perfect gift for your friends & family ~ Enjoy mixing premium restaurant-grade cocktails at a fraction of the cost of actually buying them outside! Save more, drink more & enjoy more with each glass!

100% Natural

1 Bottle Makes 4 Drinks

Sourced From Across India

Mix Drinks In 60 Seconds

Goes Best With Gin & Vodka

Handcrafted By Women

120 Days Shelf Life

Ships Tomorrow

What's inside

We source our Guavas from Allahabad, known for it's A grade guavas in India and around the World. The rich and creaminess of the guava coupled with the mouth-watering chillis goes so well with ice and soda! Our women have figured out a way to really showcase the fruit in a way not seen before, with each flavour shining through and complementing each other.

We source our Jamun, the black-berries of India from in and around North India - Maharastra and Uttar Pradesh to be exact. They have a tonne of medicinal and health benefits. In India, we’ve always had Jamun with black salt and other spices. The colour that Jamun fruit brings to the drink is what steals the show though.

We source our Oranges from Rajasthan. These Indian Oranges are grown widely in Rajasthan, bursting with robust flavour. We carefully evaporate the orange juice in a vacuum for minimal loss of nutrients and flavour.

Guava Chilli contains
Guava puree, lemon juice, salt and pineapple juice

Jamun Kalakhatta contains
Bunch of spices, sugar & black salt

Orange Mint contains
Orange Juice, lemon juice, mint, sugar & water

Jamun Kala Khatta
Jamun Mocktail - Swa Jamun Kala Khatta added to Six parts of water and ice. You can do a classic Swa Jamun Kala Khatta & Tonic with some vodka, tonic, lime juice, ice and syrup!
Add a dash of this Swa Jamun Kala Khatta to your tea to spice it up!

Orange Mint
You can add one part Swa Orange Mint syrup to six parts of water and ice to get a lovely Orange Mint lemonade.
You can also do a Virgin Orange Mint Mojito with some smashed mint leaves, syrup, lime juice, and top it up with soda. Add some rum to get an actual Orange Mojito! Add a dash of this Swa Orange Mint Syrup to your Cold Brew for a delicious craft specialty coffee beverage.

Guava Chilli
For a mocktail just add 1 part of your Swa Artisanal Syrup to 6 parts water/tonic water or soda. Mix well and add ice!
For a cocktail, just add 1 part of your Swa Artisanal Syrup to a bit of vodka/white rum/tequila/gin/whisky along with some lime juice and tonic water. Mix it well and add ice!


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Customer Reviews

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Shivam Choudhary
Party Pack

In love with these syrups!

In Summers I love making mocktails at home, I ordered this party pack from SWA & now absolutely enjoying making different mocktails! The syrups have the perfect amount of sugar that’s needed, not more not less. Also I was happy to know that it’s made from natural ingredients and real fruits & spices. Surely this is a satisfactory buy. :)

Party Pack

A perfect gift for a party, makes it handy with the jigger and the package makes it look really nice, I had taken it to my friend's house party, they people thee loved it, but the 120ml was not enough.