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Swa Orange Mocktail Recipe (Made with Swa Orange Mint)

Like lemons, the Orange is a versatile fruit, perfect for any mood but definitely more excitable in its palate. With a variety of versions available when it comes to orange juices, we've created an interesting Orange mocktail recipe. Did you know that the Orange is not a naturally occurring fruit? It's actually a hybrid of the Pomelo and Mandrin! Believed to have originated in China, it was brought to Europe via Spain. Having caught on for its aroma and refreshing flavour, it soon became a luxury fruit in Europe with Louis XIV of France having built one of the largest Orangeries, at the Palace of Versailles. Today, there are hundreds of varieties of Oranges, all great sources of Vitamin C and fibre. It is used to make juices, syrups, concentrate, jams, oils for aromatherapy and more. This Orange mocktail recipe uses the Swa Orange Mint syrup made with juicy Oranges brought from Rajasthan and some dried mint! A wholesome concoction, the true flavour of the fruit is left intact due it being made from 100% natural ingredients without any preservatives or added colours. Unlike the common store-bought Orange beverages that use artificial flavouring and deep hues for the orange feel, this syrup doesn't stray from the natural fruit. For this recipe, there is a quick and easy to make a spiced brew that is to be added, making it a delicious, fun to serve drink!

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