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Swa Hello Sunshine (Passionfruit) Cocktail Recipe

The Sunshine cocktail has many variations, each adaptation made to fit its region or season. Often made with Pineapple, we've chosen to give you a slightly more exotic version by using Passionfruit as the highlight ingredient with some Dry Gin. Dry Gin came about after the ‘Gin Craze’ period, where Londoners in the 1800’s were introduced to Gin via the Dutch and couldn’t get enough of it. Soon, everyone was making their own Gin and the quality of this spirit took a great dip. It was addressed by taking on a production process that made it more standard. This resulted in Gin that was unsweetened and more consistent, making it popularly known as London Dry Gin; as many of the producers were in London. This Passionfruit cocktail uses syrup that has been derived from plump Passionfruit, picked from Coorg or Malnad (depending on the season) and mixed with a blend of Assam and Darjeeling tea. Handcrafted with much precision and thought, the flavours bring along bits of sweetness balanced with some tart and bitter notes. Enjoy the flavour of this exotic fruit at home with our Passionfruit cocktail recipe!

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