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Swa Hot Touch Pineapple Cocktail Recipe

A very Desi-tropical cocktail in essence, this pineapple cocktail recipe is one for the big gatherings with lively spirits and loud cheering. Add it to the menu of rare Indian fusion mixes as this drink calls for our Pineapple Bird's Eye Chilli syrup. The base could either be Tequila or Vodka, depending on your choice. Vodka being flavourless would work as a clean-palate spirit. Tequila's taste on the other hand will depend on the type you choose and how well it has aged. Being assumed to be closely related to the Cactus, Agave (Tequila's source plant) is actually related to lilies. Our pineapple cocktail recipe adds in some Mango juice, bringing a delicious and sweet blend to the drink. What could be more tropical than this? The Swa Pineapple Bird's Eye Chili is a truly special creation that uses juicy Pineapples from Kerala along with Bird's Eye Chili, which is a Thai Chili that is known to grow across the South-East Asian belt. These chilis, to our surprise, grow in the wild at coffee estates, balancing the ecosystem and helping the plants. Blending the tangy, sweet-sour notes of Pineapple with some spice turned out to be an amazing and uplifting flavour! Get creative when garnishing this one! You could go with classic cocktail umbrellas, decorative pineapple cuts or work with a more leafy garnish.


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