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This holiday season, bring something new to the table – Cocoa mint and apple pie flavour drinks

This time of the season, when the gentle cold breeze and Christmas feels, and fresh baked plump cake aroma is in the air. It’s when close ones get together and retell fond memories while creating new ones. And if they get together at your place, then you might have holiday stress from being a good host. Fret not, we’ve sorted the drinks for you!

Your friends and fam deserve the best drink for their kind, and with Swa Artisanal Syrup, you can have drinks for all. You name it, we can give you a taste of it.

Craving the taste of nostalgia? Gather your childhood friends to bring and take a sip of our Jamun Kala khatta, orange mint, and mango. Aaaah, just thinking about it gives the sweet taste of childhood. Doesn’t it? So, get your glasses, and mix them well with your fav ‘adult’ choice of alcohol(or don’t, your drink, your choice!). Psssttt, we’d suggest you choose Vodka or Gin for tipsiness with the taste.

Though as wonderful and joyous as the festive season is, we all can agree that serving as the host or even attending parties can be quite tiring. We can’t solve it all, but we can surely make one less thing to worry about. With Swa, Syrups get more than 14+ flavors for mocktails, cocktails, coffees, drinks, and much more! 

Here’s how you can add a new twist to your drinks and holiday festivities: 

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    Cozy winter with Hot Cuppa Cocoa Mint or Chilly Winters an icy Cocoa Mint Cocktail: 

    Doesn’t winter feel incomplete without the aroma of hot chocolate? Well, grab your blanket and your closest friends with our Cocoa mint syrup to celebrate the most intimate and coziest festive night. 

    Make it quick, within 30 seconds with this easy-peasy recipe: 

    This homemade cocoa mint just requires 2 ingredients – hot milk and cocoa syrup (30ml) and half a minute to mix it up! 

    If you and your friends like chilly drinks in the winter chills, then you’ve got to try this cocktail recipe: 

    1. Muddle 8 mint leaves and 15ml lime juice in the base of a highball glass.
    2. Stir in the 30ml Swa syrup and 60ml rum, then add the ice cubes.
    3. Top with club soda, garnish with a sprig of mint, and enjoy!

    Voila! You’re all sorted with cold as well as hot drinks.

    Why Just Have an Apple Pie When You Can Drink it? 

    A glass of apple pie for Christmas vibes! Sounds intriguing? This festive season, let’s try a sip instead of a slice (though you won’t be able to stop at just one sip) with our Apple pie flavor.

    What makes every sip worth it? 

    Concentrated natural apple juice, sugar, cinnamon cassia, nutmeg, salt, and water 

    Here’s a quick cocktail recipe for the busy holiday season: 

    1. Combine 2 tablespoons of sugar and ½ tablespoon of cinnamon and place on a plate
    2. Rim a glass with honey and dip it into this mixture
    3. Fill glasses with ice
    4. Combine the 30ml vodka, 30ml whiskey, and 30ml Swa apple pie syrup in a shaker and mix well
    5. Pour into the glass and top it with Ginger ale or Soda
    6. Garnish with sliced apples and a cinnamon stick

    Indulge in the sweet taste of apple pie with this newest addition! 

    Lastly, cheers to adding new flavors to your festivities!

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