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It begins with, ‘can we have the drinks menu, please.’

People make all sorts of happy high and sober memories over drinks that are cherished for years. So whether you are a restaurant, cafe, or resto-bar owner, you’ve got to try your best to give a gala time to your customers with a stellar and appealing bar menu. While food is to satiate your customers’ taste buds, drinks are to set the vibe! 

Whether it’s online or at the premises, your menu contributes to establishing an experience for your customers. A stellar beverage menu creates an experience for your customers, which directly impacts profits. Good customer experience works like a snowball effect, one happy customer means repetitive customers, leading to word of mouth, etc. So whether you are trying to build your menu from scratch or revamping the existing one, we’ve collated a list of 8 tips for you to create a stellar drinks menu: 

  • Customize Menu According to Clientele 

There’s no fixed definition of a ‘stellar’ beverage menu, it depends on what caters to your target customers. Are they from college with a budget or professionals visiting for after-office drinks? Having this information will not only help you customize the look and feel of the menu, but also the kind of drinks your customers prefer.  

  • Variety of Drinks in the Menu 

While on one hand, you don’t want to limit your menu options to the extent that customers do not get the option to ‘choose’. On the other hand, you do not want people to get overwhelmed with way too many options. Find the ‘sweet spot’. Try a good mix of all kinds of drinks like – cocktails, mocktails, ice teas, diary tea, coffee blends etc. Can go all out by experimenting with all sorts of flavours like passion fruit, mango, orange mint, kala khatta etc. Keep the number to maybe seven to ten varieties of drinks per category, to give your customers the freedom to choose. 

  • Always Have Stock of What You Serve 

One of the important rules of business is – customers should get what they want. In the case of a menu, the drinks you’ve mentioned should be in stock at all times. Also, keep making changes as per the changing seasons and customer demand. A new offering after small intervals keeps your menu exciting and brings newness to it. Swa Artisanal Syrups is the perfect choice to stock as it has local and seasonal flavours all year round. The process of vacuum evaporation, pulping, freezing, etc., makes India’s natural bounty available all year round.

  • Pick the Right Ingredients 

Help your staff manage things better with limited sku’s and simple recipes. The minute there is a peak hour rush they might make mistakes in recipes. Wherever possible use ready-to-mix bases that involve just adding ice, soda or water. There are various products now available in the market that provide a large variety of such easy-to-execute recipes.  Swa brings over 40 variants that are made with 100% Natural fruits and spices, seasonal and local ingredients, free of any added preservatives, and turn around in just 30 seconds. This easy-to-make-and-serve drink hits two arrows with one bow – happy customers and relieved staff! 

  • Clear & Concise Drink Descriptions 

The key to making your menu creative and comprehensible is by going all out with the names of your drinks and following accuracy with the ingredients in the description. To take the ‘fun’ of your menu a notch up, you can use all kinds of adjectives to embellish your drink menu. The sound of these words should bring the taste to your customers. Some of these words could be like – the burst of, tangy, minty, fresh like finest, etc. Information and creativity work in concert builds demand and maintains customer interest, resulting in increased sales.

  • Separate Section For Signature Drinks

Signature drinks are what sets you apart from your competitors. They should be an amalgamation of cocktails and mocktails. They could be of different kinds – some could bring back the summer days with drinks like a Jamun Kala khatta drink or give a desi twist to your wine with Masala Mulled Wine. This is where Swa comes into play with our 100% Natural syrups with 50+ variants. You not only impress your customers with the unique flavors but also with your quick service, as these drinks are made within half a minute. Quick, tasty, and unique! Can drinks for customers GET any better?! 

  • Strategic Placements of Drinks 

It is commonly believed that customers scan the menu from the top right-hand corner first. After seeing this spot, people’s attention turns to the menu’s first and last items. This brings the need to strategically place your most profitable drinks in these areas to draw the attention of your customers.  

  • Have a Separate Drink Menu

A customer does not want a big & thick menu for both food and drink. While you might feel it’s convenient to have an all-in-one-place approach, having a separate drink menu will allow you to enjoy the space of an individual menu. This will enable you to adjust the spacing, and fonts, and include a number of drinks without worrying about overwhelming the customers with a single menu. 

Lastly, cheers to

All sorts of drinks have been complementing dishes to enhance their flavour with every bite. The drinks could vary from sweet summer berries to spicing it up with Guava chilli. Make your customers savour every kind of flavour with Swa’s variety in drinks

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