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How Cafe chains and QSRs beat the rush hour

Your restaurant is full of customers, they can’t get enough of your delectable food and drinks. Isn’t this every cafe owner’s and QSR’s dream? But don’t let your dream become a nightmare by not effectively managing your rush hour. 

It can feel overwhelming, but it gets manageable with the right strategies. With them, it is possible to successfully go through the rush hour with your sanity intact. 

In This Article

    Here are 4 tips on how you can beat the rush hour: 

    Plan and prepare 

    Planning ahead is a no-brainer. Know and have everything you need to get through this hour, as you won’t have the time to think and make decisions. It is time for execution. This is when storing Swa syrups in large quantities comes in handy – not only do they want to crave more of it, but they can be served instantly. So, overflowing customer drink demand is not an issue for you! You’ve got the flavours stored, just fill it and serve. And we are also a relief for your finances as Swa’s syrups are under 30% of the food cost

    Need more staff 

    Rush hour is when you need more staff to take orders, make and serve the drinks, and a lot more. Even though training your staff is a requirement, sometimes some situations arise that demand the assistance of untrained staff into the ‘game’.  This is the situation when you can get the untrained staff to make drinks with our syrups. All they need to do is – add the 30ml of Swa syrup, add 160ml soda/water, and just stir. Voila, your drink is ready in just 30 seconds! 

    Be prepared for the unexpected 

    Can’t say about other things, but when it comes to drinks, Swa Artisanal Syrup will be the ‘drink saviour’ during those ‘unexpected times’. You can make the drinks in volume, fill bottles, and refrigerate and serve. This helps reduce your turnaround time, keeps the taste consistent, and can be managed by your untrained staff. 

    Store your drinks

    You might not be able to make and store all sorts of food, but you sure can store and even deliver ready-to-serve drinks in bottles with Swa. With this, you can easily make and store complex drinks despite your kitchen size. 

    Go tech-savvy 

    During rush hour, technology such as online ordering or a POS system can streamline processes. This will in turn reduce the burden on your staff which will make them less stressed and avoid burnout. 

    When it comes to drinks, you can have it all with us during the rush hour! Here’s how: 

    Cafe or restaurant in a small town? 

    No problem, we deliver pan India. 

    Kitchen too small? 

    We can fit anywhere you want, as our drinks can suit any kitchen

    Instant drinks in rush hour? 

    That’s what we are here for. Make your customer fav drink within 30 seconds! 

    Working with untrained staff?

    Every cafe owner has been there. Our drinks can be made by anyone in just 3 simple steps.

    Lastly, do not forget to take short breaks during rush hour. This will help you and your staff relax, which will refresh the mind and increase productivity.


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