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Chill Out in Style: 5 Refreshing Summer Drinks to Sip and Savour for Kids!

Who doesn’t want to reminisce about their summer times as kids?! 

Summer is the time when kids get a chance to enjoy the bright sunshine and indulge in fun outdoor activities. It is time for an absolute blast for kids! Summer for them means water balloon fights and beach days, ice cream truck runs, and picnics in the park. There are only more exciting things that you can do during the summertime. While they enjoy their hearts out while having fun in the summer heat, the hot weather can be quite taxing for them. And what could be better than a refreshing drink to beat the heat? As a syrup brand, we understand the importance of healthy and tasty beverages for children. Hence, we introduce you to 5 summer drinks for kids that they will surely love: 

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    Orange Mint

    No kid can say no to the tangy taste of oranges! It’s not just the taste, they are a great source of Vitamin C and are a favourite fruit among kids. They help the kids beat the heat with their refreshing feel. Add two tablespoons of Orange Mint syrup to a cup of crushed ice to make this drink. Mix well with a glass of chilled water. Add a sprig of mint leaves and a few orange slices as garnish. In addition to quenching thirst, this drink prevents dehydration and promotes healthy skin.

    Jamun Kala Khata

    Whether you belong to the 80s, 90s, or 2000s, one ingredient that brings joy to every generation during summertime is – Jamun Kala Khatta. A popular fruit in India, known for its tangy and sweet taste. The Jamun Kala Khata drink wins all hearts and is perfect for kids who love experimenting with different flavours. You can make a simple Jamun Kala Khatta Sharbat with just 30ml of Swa’s Jamun Kala Khatta Syrup and 120ml of water. Mix the syrup with water and top it with lots of ice. You can also garnish it with a few mint leaves, and your refreshing summer drink is ready! 

    Cocoa Mint

    When dealing with kids, you can never go wrong with chocolate! Because who doesn’t love chocolate? The Cocoa Mint drink is perfect for chocolate-loving kids. It’s a great way to give the nutrition of milk with the flavor of delish chocolate. And it’s super simple to make! All you need is – Swa Syrup, chocolate sprinkles, vanilla ice cream, and milk. To make this drink, take a cup of milk and add two tablespoons of Cocoa Mint syrup. Then, blend it in a mixer until it becomes frothy. Add some ice cubes and garnish with a few mint leaves. This drink is not only delicious but also rich in calcium, which is essential for growing kids.

    Mango Passion

    Mango, there’s a reason it is called the ‘king of fruits’, it’s the fruit that is delicious in all forms – whether you eat it raw or make a shake out of it. The sweetness always pertains! And that’s why it is loved by kids all around the world. But the curiosity in kids craves newness in every flavour, and here’s how our ‘Mango Passion drink’ comes into play. It is a refreshing twist on the classic mango drink. To make this drink, take a cup of crushed ice and add two tablespoons of Mango Passion syrup. Then, add a glass of chilled water and mix well. Garnish with a few slices of mango and a sprig of mint leaves. This drink is not only delicious but also rich in Vitamin C, which helps in boosting immunity and keeps kids healthy.

    Tamarind Shikanji

    This is for all the ‘desi’ kids out there! Summer feels incomplete without a glass of Tamarind Shikanji, it is simple to make, refreshing in every sip, and has the perfect balance of sweet and sour flavour. It is a childhood favourite, it has always been fascinating with its irresistibly sweet and sour flavour that always leaves you puckering, but coming back for more! To make an irresistible drink for kids, all you need is – SWA’s Tamarind Shikanji, lots of ice and water. 

    Summer just got a lot cooler with these 5 amazing drinks that even kids can whip up themselves! These drinks are not only incredibly delicious, but they’re also the perfect thirst quenchers for those hot and sweaty summer days. So, grab your kids and get ready to mix up some serious fun in the kitchen! Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. So, let’s beat the heat together and have a blast sipping on these yummy drinks. Are you ready to stay refreshed and hydrated all summer long? Let’s do this!

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