Gin Mixer - Pack of 4

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The notes of juniper berries in the Gin pairs brilliantly with Jamun which also belongs to the berry family and the sourness from the Jamun Kala khatta syrup compliments the Botanical notes in the Gin. The flowery crisp and earthy notes of Hibiscus tea syrup mixes well with the Juniper berry falvours in the Gin. Gin has a lot of delicate flavours based on the botanicals used in the making of Gin

100% Natural

4 Bottles Makes 48 Drinks

Sourced From Across India

Mix Drinks In 60 Seconds

Gin & Tonics. Get Recipes.

Handcrafted By Women

180 Days Shelf Life

Ships Tomorrow

What's inside

We source our Jamun, the black-berries of India from in and around North India - Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh to be exact. They have a tonne of medicinal and health benefits. In India, we’ve always had Jamun with black salt and other spices. The colour that Jamun fruit brings to the drink is what steals the show though.

We source our vibrant Hibiscus flowers from Mysore! The natural tartness of hibiscus flowers really comes together with perfectly brewed black tea leaves and dust. A bit of lemon juice and sugar. The colour is divine.

We source the finest quality Pineapples from God's own country of Kerala. The pineapples are of the highest quality with respect to its taste and texture!

And the Bird’s eye chilli is actually Thai chilli that grows in the coffee estates of this region - it is an essential part of the ecosystem which we have used for this combination.

We source our Guavas from Allahabad, known for it's A grade guavas in India and around the World. The rich and creaminess of the guava coupled with the mouth-watering chillis goes so well with ice and soda! Our women have figured out a way to really showcase the fruit in a way not seen before, with each flavour shining through and complementing each other.

Jamun Kalakhatta Syrup

Jamun fruit with a bunch of spices, sugar & black salt.

Hibisus tea

Hibiscus petals, tea leaves and dust, sugar, water & concentrated natural lemon juice.

Pineapple Bird's Eye Chili

Fresh Pineapple juice, Bird's eye chilli, sugar, water & lemon juice.

Guava Chilli

guava puree, lemon juice, salt and pineapple juice.

"Easy gin cocktail recipe: 25 ml Swa Syrup + 60 ml alcohol + lemon juice (as per taste) + ice + top with a splash of soda/tonic. For a Swa Tangy Love Mocktail, grab 120ml Orange Juice, 20 ml SWA Hibiscus Tea, 10 ml Lemon Juice, 60 ml Soda, & Kafeer Lime Leaves/Betel Leaves Make Sangrias, Margaritas, Lemonades, Martinis & so much more!"

Customer Reviews

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Sharath Menon
Gin Mixer - Pack of 4

GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY!!! These mixers didn't just taste great! They served my entire party of 20! Getting this for all my house parties!! Go for it without doubt! Best mixer on the market!

Zac Thomas
Gin Mixer - Pack of 4

Pleasantly surprised by the quality and depth of flavours. Now I can have a good cocktail in my hick village instead of heading to the nearest city for one.

Harshal Patil
Gin Mixer - Pack of 4

Very tasty

Divyank Joshi
Gin Mixer - Pack of 4

Awesome flavour. Enjoying it

hariti udeshi
Gin Mixer - Pack of 4

Love the lychee lemon! I haven't had such refreshing drink at home in a while! Goes great with some lovely gin! Superb value as well, 1 bottle was enough for our group, which over 12 glasses in total!