Orange Mint

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A delicious blend of freshly squeezed oranges with an overarching hint of peppermint - leaving you cool & refreshed with every sip!

100% Natural

1 Bottle Makes 12 Drinks

Oranges From Rajasthan

Mix Drinks In 60 Seconds

Goes Best With Gin & Vodka

Handcrafted By Women

180 Days Shelf Life

Ships Tomorrow

What's Inside

We source our Oranges from Rajasthan. These Indian Oranges are grown widely in Rajasthan, bursting with robust flavour. We carefully evaporate the orange juice in a vacuum for minimal loss of nutrients and flavour.

Orange Juice, lemon juice, mint, sugar & water

You can add one part Swa Orange Mint syrup to six parts of water and ice to get a lovely Orange Mint lemonade.

You can also do a Virgin Orange Mint Mojito with some smashed mint leaves, syrup, lime juice, and top it up with soda. Add some rum to get an actual Orange Mojito! ;) Add a dash of this Swa Orange Mint Syrup to your Cold Brew for a delicious craft specialty coffee beverage. Make Mojitos, Margaritas, Lemonades, Martinis & so much more! Only with Swa Artisanal Syrups!

Customer Reviews

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Aritra Sarkar
Orange Mint

No words to express the flavor. Too good.

Pranav Prasannan
Orange Mint

I just bought this for as bitters in cocktails. Great flavours especially the orange one used for Old Fashioned Drink.
Will definitely buy more once these are done.
Great job to the team. Keep it up.

Mithil shah
Orange Mint

Good Product, Great Packaging. Love that it is a social enterprise. Also liked their recipes page, not too many recipes were listed when i went there, but it seemed like they have just launched the site for direct consumers. I tried the orange mint mojito and really enjoyed it. The proportion of mixing has to be understood.

Raoul Renne
Orange Mint

Swa entered my life about 2 weeks ago and I haven't gone a day without it! I love your flavours, they are so fresh and good tasting that I find I use your syrups as a great substitute to tropciana and tang! I'm always appauled by how damn good they taste every time! It's so fresh and it's so easy to make!!! I usually just add it to some ice and soda and VOILA you got yourself a drink you'd pay 350rs for at a fancy restaurant! I love it! Thank you TEAM SWA. I love your existing flavours but would love to see more!!!

Orange Mint

The orange mint flavour was extremely refreshing and delicious. Whether have it with soda, water or alcohol it was equally refreshing to taste after a long and tiring day. Can serve as party drinks for your friends and social gatherings as well. Highly recommended to be given a try. All the other flavours are brilliant as well.