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Swa Whiskey & Peach Highball Cocktail Recipe

Being sweet and slightly acidic with a tart flavour, Peaches are perfect when combined with the spicy, strong and overwhelming notes of Whiskey. Both balancing out the need for sweetness and substance to flavour. More commonly known as the Whisky Peach, this drink does not have a specific origin, as there are too many variations commonly made to trace out an original. However, we do understand the beauty of their taste together, so here it is! Our recipe calls for Scotch Whisky. You could go for a Single or Blended variant, depending on what you prefer. This peach cocktail recipe is made complete with the Swa Peach Tea Syrup, derived from Peaches that are grown in Punjab and UP. We've enhanced the flavour of this fruit with some brewed black tea, adding a light bitter twist to complement the tart floral taste. What's more? our peach syrup is 100% natural, without any artificial ingredients, preservatives or colour, letting you enjoy a great drink with natural flavours!

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