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SWA Tamarind Shikanji Mocktail Recipe

A childhood favourite, Tamarinds have always been fascinating with their irresistibly sweet and sour flavour that always makes you pucker, but come back for more! Our Tamarind Shikanji mocktail recipe adds a spicy zing to this interesting flavour, making it a great drink for the rainy season, winters or a chilly night in. Though essential to so many Indian dishes and often mistaken as an Indian fruit, the Tamarind actually originated in tropical Africa! But now, we're known to be the world's largest producers of Tamarind. In Ghana, the pulp of tender-green young Tamarind is used in many dishes. Otherwise the mature fruit is used in curries, james, chutneys, syrups, sauces and more. It is diluted with water and sugared in the Caribbeans and Mexico to make a popular non-alcoholic beverage. Being used in various kinds of preparations, its acidic flavour is what makes it blend well with meat and vegetable dishes. Their leaves aren't just used in curries and South Indian dishes, but are often used in seafood dishes as well. Additionally this tart fruit has a surprisingly high level of calcium along with nutrients like Magnesium, Potassium and Vitamin B. This Tamarind Shikanji mocktail recipe uses an easy to make spicy brew to enhance the sour and sweet notes of the fruit. It also uses the Swa Tamarind Shikanji syrup. Made with freshly pulped Tamarind and some jagger with a dash of pepper, this syrup is 100% natural without the use of any preservatives, artificial ingredients or added colours!

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