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Swa Sparkling Coconut Water Colada Cocktail Recipe

Inspired by the Piña Colada, this Lemon, Ginger, Coconut Water, and Pineapple infused cocktail recipe is a tropical contemporary. Piña Colada means 'strained pineapple' and was said to have first been given by a pirate to his crew, to boost their morale. While there are many other origin stories with many across Puerto Rico claiming this drink, the Caribe Hilton Hotel is widely acknowledged as the creator. The Piña Colada became the official drink of Puerto Rico in 1978 and grew to be a phenomenon after Rupert Holmes’ song Escape, more popularly known as the Piña Colada song. There are many variations of this famous alcoholic drink, like the Chi Chi which uses Vodka instead of Rum, the Frozen Colada, and the Blue Hawaiian which uses a splash of Blue Curacao.' Our recipe uses the Swa Lemon Ginger Naarial Paani syrup, adding a more Asian twist to the Caribbean refreshment. Made with Tender Coconut water and a blend of Lemon and Ginger, this syrup transports you to vacation-land with its cool and soothing flavour. Coupled with some Rum and Pineapple juice, you get a Colada concoction that is mouth-watering.

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