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Swa Panakam (Tamarind) Cocktail Recipe

Panakam is a traditional sweet drink, served during the Ram Navami period or just regularly across South Indian homes during the hot Indian summers. Known to be a drink that refreshes and soothes, this jaggery drink is one that brings back fond childhood memories.It was traditionally stored in earthen pots that cooled this delightful combination of jaggery, dry ginger and cardamom. Many believe it serves as a rehydration solution, taking into account the electrolyte properties of jaggery.The Swa Panakam recipe calls for a boozy mix to this summer drink with some rum and our Swa Tamarind Shikanji syrup. In addition, we've combined ingredients like lemon, honey, ginger, coconut water and melon for a nutrient-packed refresher, sure to elevate your mood and get you in the summer groove.Our Tamarind Shikanji syrup is made with pulped tamarinds mixed with dark jaggery and a light zing of spices. Being handcrafted in small batches, we ensure that our syrups are 100% natural without the use of any artificial ingredients or added colours.

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