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Swa Orange Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

The Manhattan is a well-known classic cocktail that's not only stylish but also quite celebrated for its flavour. We've tried out a more citrus mix, with a wholesome fruit feel, that is slightly heavier but hits the spot if orange and whisky is what you're looking for. Popularly believed to have first been made for a banquet hosted by Churchill's mother at the Manhattan Club in New York, the drink's true origins are a little murky. Over time, there have been a few variations to its recipe, some even using Canadian Whiskey during the Prohibition period in the U.S. In North Frisian, a portion of the German island of Föhr, the Manhattan is a standard choice at most cafes, restaurants and gatherings. This mix of Whisky, Vermouth and Bitters has clearly won over many hearts. Our Orange Manhattan cocktail recipe calls for some freshly made Swa Orange Mint syrup. A perfectly balanced combination of Oranges from Rajasthan, lemon and mint, we've made sure to keep its nutrients and flavours intact without the use of preservatives, artificial ingredients or any added colours. While Rye Whisky is the way to go when it comes to a Manhattan, there's no strict rule to it. You could go with Bourbon or any Whisky of your choosing. Since orange is one of the few flavours that mix well with whisky, you arrive at a drink that gives you the sweetness of this citrus fruit without overpowering the whisky. This cocktail works great for an afternoon event or early evening gathering. Feel free to play around a bit and add your touch!

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