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Swa Lychee Lemon Cocktail Recipe

Lychees have been a South-East Asian favourite since ancient times and their cultivation has been documented since the 11th Century. Being the second-largest producer of this sweet and juicy fruit, you're bound to find it used in many culinary preparations and beverages. Alcohol and lychee have had a bit of history, with the Chinese having brewed lychee wine, which is known for its colour and rich sweet taste. This wine is commonly served as a dessert at events. Bars across the world have added lychees to their creations, many of them being in the form of Martinis. It is believed to have been developed in 2001 in New York, and has carried on a legacy by being on the menu of many top-notch restaurants. There's no doubt why the lychee was a hit with alcoholic drinks, being rosy, floral and sweet in flavour, it was the perfect balance of exotic and tropical. Our recipe celebrates these flavours with the Swa lychee Lemon syrup, made with fresh lychees from Muzaffarpur that are pulped and frozen for fresh use, year-round! This makes it free of preservatives and artificial ingredients. So, why rely on heavy sweeteners and processed juices when there's a fresh natural alternative? With notes of ginger and lemon added to the sweetness of Lychees, this drink is thoroughly refreshing and a great drink to begin an event with!

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