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Swa Jamun Kala Khatta & Tonic Cocktail Recipe

Inspired by the classic Gin & Tonic whose origin takes hold in British India, this flavourful drink is exciting to the palate. A simple yet exotic alcoholic drink for a special evening, this Java Plum (Jamun) cocktail recipe uses tonic water and vodka, making it easy and handy. Tonic water came about when trying to make quinine powder to prevent malaria, a persistent problem among soldiers. This quinine powder was mixed with Tonic water but its bitter taste made people avoid drinking it. To make it more tolerable, British officers used to take it in a mixture of water, sugar, lime and gin. That was the birth of this classic drink. Our Java Plum spin to the drink uses the Swa Jamun Kala Khatta Syrup, reminiscent of the Kalakhatta gola, this Jamun syrup is kept natural by a conversion process that is free of colours, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. With a zing of spices and black salt, it helps build a fusion cocktail with interesting notes.

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