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SWA Jamun Kala Khatta Mocktail Recipe

This exotic Indian fusion flavour is an absolute crowd pleaser! We've got the perfect Jamun mocktail recipe that balances this flavour with a refreshing zing. Loved by almost all, the Jamun has been a fun fruit from childhood, where we would try to compare purple-tinted tongues, getting a kick out of simple joys. Also known as Java Plum, Jambolan and Malabar Plum, this fruit is native to areas in South East Asia. Its tree is known to live up to a hundred years, towering at 98ft at times. Not only a human delicacy, it has been noted as a favourite among fruitbats and jackals! The flowers of this tree are fragrant, later producing this sweet and tart flavoured fruit. While, Summer is the main time for picking, but Jamun trees are also known to bear fruit all year long. As a culinary ingredient, Jamuns are used to prepare jams, sorbets, yoghurts, desserts, drinks and syrups. The Kala Khatta being a popular flavour of choice when it comes to iced shavings. It is also commonly made into a rich and tasty wine. The most prominent nutritional quality of the Jamun is its Vitamin C content. For this Jamun mocktail recipe, we've used the Swa Jamun Kala Khatta syrup. Made from fresh Jamuns and a mix of black salt along with a dash of spice, it's the perfect blend of tartness and a savoury twist. With 100% natural ingredients that use zero preservatives, artificial ingredients or added colours, what better beverage to indulge in?

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