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Sparkling Peach Tea Mocktail Recipe

What could be more perfect than sipping on peach tea as you watch the sunset on a weekend? Get that special café-like feel at home with this delicious Sparkling Peach Tea mocktail recipe. Many claim the Peach to have originated in China, going back as much as 8,000 years. This fruit is cultivated in two main categories, Freestone and Clingstones. The former is when the flesh of fruit does not cling to the pit, the other being when it does cling. Freestones are used as fresh produce to consume immediately as they are sweet, while Clingstones are preferred for canning. Peaches do slightly differ from Nectarines, though they are from the same family. Nectarines are often referred to as fuzz-less peaches. Interestingly, you do find a hybrid of the Peach and Nectarine, called Peachereines! While there are many varieties of Peaches, a peculiar one is Saturn or Flat Peach. It takes on a more oblate shape and is sweeter in taste, and is even claimed to have notes of Almond in its flavour. Used for a variety of culinary preparations, the most popular use of peaches are in juices, chutneys, wines, smoked accompaniments to other dishes and even grills. This peach tea mocktail recipe uses the Swa Peach Tea syrup, made from freshly pulped peaches from Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. This mouthwatering pulp is then blended with black tea to create a heavenly balance of tart and sweet flavour. We ensure that our syrups are 100% natural, without the use of any added preservatives, artificial ingredients or colours, giving you the authentic flavour of this sumptuous fruit! Easy to make, you don't have to scramble for ingredients with this one. Just some soda, lime and syrup and you're good to go! You can also add interesting garnishes or twists to the flavour depending on your taste.

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