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Pineapple Bird's Eye Chilli Mocktail Recipe

The Pineapple is a brilliant tropical addition to any fruit salad. When juiced, it serves as an energising and refreshing beverage, making it popular among mocktails and cocktails. Its origins lie in South America, where it was cultivated for centuries before seeing the rest of the world. Brought to Europe by Columbus, it was considered a luxury commodity as it was hard to grow. It reached India from the Indonesian islands thanks to Portuguese traders and is now grown from the south to the east accounting for 8% of the world's pineapple production. Other than refreshing beverages, the Pineapple is known to be made into vinegar and is often used in Filipino, Mexican and Taiwanese cuisine. Nutritionally, around 83% of this fruit is water, making it a great hydrating snack along with also being packed with immense bursts of vitamin C. Though India remains one of the top producers of Pineapples, we Indians hardly ever make good use of this exquisite fruit! Here's a Pineapple mocktail recipe that celebrates its flavour and combines some herbal goodness. This Pineapple mocktail recipe uses Swa's Pineapple Birds Eye Chilli syrup, a mouth-watering concoction created using fresh Pineapples from Kerala blended with Bird's Eye Chili. Bird's Eye Chili is also known as Thai Chili and adds a balanced zing to the sweet and sour notes of Pineapple, making it a pleasantly surprising flavour. This Pineapple mocktail also adds a herbal twist with some basil, perfect for a cooling summer day delight.

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