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Cocoa Mocha Recipe

There is nothing better than sipping on some sweet chocolate with a relishing touch of bitter coffee. Whether it's your first drink of the day or a mid-day treat, you can never say no to chocolate! Here's an easy to make Mocha recipe, so you can get that café feel at home! Native to the Amazon Basin, the Cocoa tree is the basis of all chocolate products. It is from this heavenly fruit we get our sweet fuel. Having been traced back to almost 4000 years ago, way before it became the delicious treat we now know it to be, it was pulped and consumed as a sweet fermented beverage. There are three main varieties of this, with each being harvested for their beans. The outer cover is discarded upon picking and the inner cocoa bean is dried. It takes about 400g of Cocoa beans to make 480g of chocolate. Did you know that cocoa also contains stimulants like coffee? There are multiple products that are derived from the cocoa bean, the main being cocoa powder and cocoa butter, that is fat separated from the beans upon roasting. It is also believed that the flavonoids in true cocoa help with heart health. In India, a majority of Cocoa trees are grown in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. These trees need to be protected from exposure to direct sunlight. Hence, they are often grown with other larger types, like mango. Additionally, the type of soil Cocoa trees are grown in influences their flavour! Cocoa is used in a variety of preparations from drinks, cakes, spreads, candy bars to even wax, we've found a way to put good use to this aromatic and flavourful fruit. This Mocha recipe uses the Swa Cocoa syrup, made from freshly-powdered beans from Gujarat along with some refreshing Vanilla from Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. Made without any added preservatives, artificial ingredients or added colours, enjoy your drink with this natural chocolate syrup.

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