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How to make your DIY drinks taste better at home?

DIY-ing some cool drinks to go along is always a great idea whether you’re inviting a bunch of friends over for a weekend get-together or planning a relaxing evening by yourself. Though, you might wanna add some flamboyance to your drinks menu to make your happy hours truly merry. 


Wouldn’t you wanna make them taste just like the drinks at the restaurant bars! A lot of us often feel like the drinks we prepare at home are not “that great”. TBH, it’s a little tough to master the skills of a bartender and be as amazing as a professional. 

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t recreate a good drinking experience at home. You don’t have to be an expert bartender, you can still make amazing DIY mocktails and cocktails at your home bar that are straight As on taste and look and impress one and all, with a help of a few tips and tricks. 


Here’s how you can make your DIY mocktails and DIY cocktails at home taste better –

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    1. Give it a fruity spin

    Soft drinks or hard drinks, everything tastes better with a flavoured spin to it. So go ahead and give your preparations at home a flavourful taste by adding fruit flavours and even real fruits to them. Use Mocktail syrups and Flavoured cocktail premixes, available in so many drool-worthy flavours from fruity to citrusy, botanical and artisanal syrups which make excellent pairing with water, soda and spirits alike. You can also muddle in fruits like strawberries, watermelon, orange and apple for an enhanced taste.

    Try SWA artisanal syrups and Flavoured cocktail premixes to add some natural and delightful taste!

    2. Pour some spirit into the mix

    If you are not averse to the idea of alcohol, pour some spirit into your drinks! Try some of the classic pairings or create your own concoctions! You only need to do a little bit of mixing maths and a few tasty experiments to achieve perfect cocktails at your home bar that your guests will absolutely love. 


    Vodka pairs with just about anything, so you can turn any drink into vodka drinks. You can also make yourself many amazing ​​Whiskey cocktails, Rum cocktails like Daiquiri and Pina Coladas and tequila margaritas at home and elevate your evening soiree. 

    3. Ice it

    Whether you are enjoying a cocktail or a mocktail, ice is important. There are certain things in the world that just taste better a certain way. Colder drinks quench our thirst faster and one is more likely to derive more refreshment and enjoyment from a colder drink. So for pleasure’s sake, ice your drink! 


    Ice not only enhances the taste but also keeps your boozy drinks balanced. So add lots of ice to your DIY mocktails and cocktails and savour their flavours chilled. You can also make your drinks more interesting by using ice cubes frozen with mint leaves and other garnishes. Frozen with ice, these garnishes add to the visual appeal and slowly release their flavour that you can savour for long. Try them in your vodka drinks!

    4. Garnish

    Just like in the case of food, where plating and presentation play a key role in the experience – from the visual appeal to taste and even perceived worth, similarly garnishes are key to a cocktail experience. A garnish can elevate the whole drinking experience and make a drink taste 10 times better. It doesn’t only enhance the flavour and the aroma but adds so much to the visual appeal.


    Make your DIY mocktails more appealing and intriguing by garnishing them. Throw some fresh fruits in! Not only your fruit punches but you can add them to a whole lot of other coolers and cocktails too like Sangria or Daiquiri. To elevate your drink, you can go elaborate with your garnishes or keep it minimal with just a wedge of fruit on the glass rim. However, there’s only one rule to remember, garnish doesn’t have to overpower the drink, therefore do so appropriately.

    All set to make some fresh and fantastic drinks for your soiree?


    For a healthy flavourful taste to your drinks, we got your back! SWA artisanal syrups are all-natural, unlike other artificial and synthetic syrups, SWA syrups are made with natural fruits and herbs, no artificial additives, just pure goodness of nature. Enjoy our refreshing flavours, shop them here.


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    • Ansu Chan Ansu Chan

      Thanks for the informative blog I found Your Blog and blog very interesting keep posting

    • Ansu Chan Ansu Chan

      Thanks for the informative blog I found Your Blog and blog very interesting keep posting

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