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5 Festive Drinks You Must Try at Home

October brings with it an exciting lineup of festivities – Dhanteras, Diwali, Bhai-Dooj, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. And soon enough the calendar will turn a new leaf, giving us yet another reason to celebrate the New Year, and beyond!

With each of these festivities, comes the joy of filling our homes with our special friends and family – because what are these celebrations without the people we love?! As you plan your get-togethers and the menus that make them extra special, don’t forget to make the drinks just as exciting as everything else in your plans.

Welcome your guests with carefully created festive drinks that are freshly prepared at home, and add to the warmth and love of the occasion. Try out these amazing whiskey, gin, rum and other cocktail recipes that will be the perfect accompaniment to the delicious meals you have already planned for the season, and make your party even more memorable!

So get ready to jazz up your festive parties with our unique flavours! For those who enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage just as much,, we have some stay-sober no-proof drink recipes as well. Have fun and let us know if you enjoy these drinks – or have a creation of your own to share with us!  

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    Kiwi Mojito

    Mojito is everyone’s favourite and in the festive season, all you’ve got to do to make it a hit at your deliberation parties is add the flavours of the season and maybe a little alcohol and your guests are going to love it! Fruits like kiwis, oranges, and apples are aplenty and you can add/use any of them. Our recipe for a mojito mocktail includes the following:

    1. Kiwi

    A little sweet, a little sour, kiwis are just like the relationships we share with our loved ones. Since the essence of any festival is coming together and celebrating bonds, we feel kiwi is a perfect choice! Take ripe kiwis, peel, dice and muddle them flat.

    2. Lime

    A fresh squeeze of lemon puts life into any drink! You can either squeeze the juice or muddle a few small pieces with mint in this recipe of mojito mocktail for a refreshing flavour.

    3. Mint Mojito syrup

    Add the classic, refreshing taste to the drink with the SWA Mojito Mint syrup. The mixer is perfect for a balanced flavour in mojitos and is fuss-free to use.

    4. Rum

    If you’ve been wanting to try out a rum cocktail recipe, you have to make a mojito. And a mojito is incomplete without rum! Use White rum to elevate the flavour of the drink as well as your mood!

    5. Club soda

    Last but not least, club soda for that sparkling taste in the mouth.

    Masala Mulled Wine

    Nothing like a warm cuppa to add some fuzzy warmth to the cold evenings! Ring in the warmth of the season with your guests and cups of spiced mulled wine enriched with the flavours of herbs and spices with a desi twist.

    1. Red Wine

    Traditionally red wine is used to prepare this warm cocktail, but you can definitely use white wine too! So just get a bottle of one as good as you can find and afford. Pour it into a thick bottom pan over low heat.

    2. Fruits

    Citrusy orange and lemon add a refreshing flavour and make a delightful sight. Apples are also plentiful in the winter season, so you can include them too. Slice and dice them into the pot of wine.

    3. Spices

    Bring your masala box out and let’s give this recipe a unique flavour. Add star anise, a few pods of cardamom, a couple of cloves, a cinnamon stick or two, ​​a pinch of grated nutmeg and a bay leaf.

    4. SWA Summer Berries Syrup

    Add a little summer and some fruity flavour to your drink with SWA Summer berries syrup. Add it as per your taste. You can also include a little honey, but that’s totally optional as the sweetness of the fruity summer berries will be enough to add a delightful touch to the drink.

    Remember to keep the flame low, and not bring the pot to boil or that will make the alcohol disappear. Your drink will be ready when you feel the spicy fragrance hit your nostrils! Let it cool down to a warm drinkable temperature. And serve it in kulhads for an extra desi touch!

    Desi Dutch Mule

    This one is for all the no-proof buddies! A simple and desi virgin version of the dutch mule with the zingy zest of ginger and lime is great for everyone including kids too.

    1. SWA’s Lemon Ginger Naariyal Paani

    A blend of ginger, lemon, and Naariyal Paani, this syrup lends a unique and refreshing flavour to our fusion cocktail.

    2. Ginger ale

    Bring in a boost of flavour with the zing of zest with ginger ale.

    3. Ice + Soda water

    A handful of ice is a must whether it is a cocktail or a mocktail. Plus some soda water to balance the zingyness of ginger flavour.

    4. Lemon and a few mint leaves

    Squeeze the lemon, garnish with mint leaves and maybe a lemon wedge, and your drink is ready to woo your guests!

    Check out our classic Dutch Mule recipe with Vodka.

    Spiced Pina Colada















    Fire up the blender and make this spiced Pina Colada that’s going to add fireworks to your Diwali Party. Invite people over for a game of cards and serve them this delight made with just three ingredients. You can make a virgin version or a spiked one by adding white rum/Bacardi.

    1. Cream of coconut

    The light and watery cream are perfect, but you can also take the denser cream that will make the drink thicker.

    2. SWA Pineapple Bird’s Eye Chilli Syrup

    Made from fresh pineapple, with the tropical bird’s eye chilli flavour, the syrup is bound to give a refreshing and flavourful spin to your drink. The syrup also contains lemon juice, so you can skip that or squeeze in half a lemon for more flavour.

    3. Ice

    Since traditional Pina Colada is a frozen drink, use copious amounts of Ice and experience the brain-freezing burst of this tropical delight!

    Guava Chilli Cocktail


    Spice up the season with SWA Guava chilli syrup that’ll add a rich flavour to your drink and make your holiday season merry, bright and spirited!

    Here’s what you need for this sweet and spicy guava chilli cocktail:

    1. SWA Guava chilli syrup

    Infused with the flavour of green chillies, the syrup is a complete game changer in cocktails with its sweet ‘n’ spicy touch.

    2. Soda or Water

    You can use either water or soda to mix the syrups but for this recipe, we recommend you use Soda or sparkling water. It really helps the flavour shine out.

    3. Ice

    Of course, ice is a must, so do add generous amounts to your drinks. It not only enhances the flavours but also helps balance out the flavours and the booze.

    4. Gin or Bacardi

    Both Gin and White Rum pair well with the flavours. You can even add Vodka.

    Now that you’re all armed with these festive recipes, get ready to throw amazing parties with a great tipple, book your guests already!

    Don’t forget to order your favourite flavours from  SWA Artisanal Syrups ahead of the festivities.


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