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Improve B2B customer satisfaction this summer by offering faster delivery times

Restaurants have to ensure fast and efficient delivery to meet customer expectations in this era of online orders. Especially during the summer season, when people are inclined towards drinks like cocktails, mocktails, and ice teas to beat the summer heat. Since people do not prefer to step out in the summer heat, the frequency of order-in increases. This creates pressure on restaurants to deliver quicker with the same consistency and taste. This is possible by pre-batching with Swa Syrups. This can significantly reduce the time it takes to prepare drinks, making it easier for restaurants to deliver orders quickly. In this blog, we will explore some additional tips to assist your business in reducing delivery times for online orders during the summer months.

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    Pre-batching orders can help businesses reduce the time it takes to process and ship orders during peak demand periods, leading to faster delivery times. In pre-batching, you make your drinks and store them in delivery bottles, so you can streamline their fulfilment process, which in turn reduces the risk of errors and makes your customers satisfied and happy(who doesn’t want this, eh?). With Swa Artisanal Syrups, you can easily pre-batch your drinks in the morning and deliver them throughout the day, without any hassle.

    Easy to Use and Consistent

    Delivering faster does not mean compromising on quality. Even if someone is ordering from you for the 10th time, or from a different location of your cafe/restaurant, the taste should remain the same. This is when consistency plays an important role. With Swa Artisanal Syrups, your staff can easily make the drinks, since they are premixed, it helps you ensure consistency of flavour. To put it simply, our ready-to-mix syrups can be quickly and easily prepared, allowing businesses to focus on processing. 

    Seasonal and Local

    With Swa, quicker delivery does not mean it won’t be fresh! With us, you not only serve your customers the best taste but also fresh taste with 100% natural ingredients. In addition to reducing delivery times and assuring fresher products, natural concentrates can provide a unique experience for customers. When businesses support local businesses, turnaround time can be reduced, resulting in faster deliveries. Seasonal ingredients can also provide customers with a unique and exciting experience, which keeps them coming back.


    With Swa, you can promise your customers, all flavours, and all seasons delivered quickly! Your customers can have their favourite mocktails and iced tea in the comfort of their homes in no time! Customers can remain engaged with seasonal signature drinks while still receiving their orders faster. Offering natural ingredients with a wide variety, delivered in less time gives your business an edge with the customers. It helps ensure customers that they can find something they love, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    Value for Money

    This goes without saying when customers spend, they want to be valued. And we make them feel valued by providing them with the best taste, rich in natural ingredients with reduced delivery time. Businesses can provide great-tasting drinks without breaking the bank by using cost-effective syrups. The use of our syrups can enable businesses to increase profits and expand faster by reducing their food costs while offering high-quality products.

    Other Strategies to Reduce Delivery Times

    In addition to using high-quality products, businesses can implement a variety of other strategies to reduce delivery times, including:

    Using a reliable delivery service

    Implementing automated processes

    Communicating with customers

    Optimizing packaging

    Utilizing data analytics

    By combining these strategies with high-quality products, businesses can streamline their delivery process and provide customers with the fast and efficient service they expect.


    Reducing delivery time for online orders is crucial for businesses, especially during the summer months when customers expect fast and efficient service. By using a combination of strategies, including using high-quality products like our easy-to-use and consistent syrups made with seasonal and local ingredients, businesses can ensure that their customers are satisfied and continue to come back for more. With the right approach, businesses can reduce delivery times, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and grow their business faster.

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