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Swa Artisanal Syrups - Trusted by the best Mixologists & Bartenders of India!

Now you can easily make restaurant-style delicious drinks at home with our 100% natural syrups​

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100% Natural - Made with Real Fruits, Herbs & Spices

Handcrafted by women with love. This is a women owned and run initiative.

No added preservatives, artificial flavours or added colours

On-demand & Fast Shipping across the country

Which natural blends would you like to order today?

Syrup blends for Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Gin & Tequilla. Be #AatmaNirbhar bartender

Syrup blends for non-alcoholic Mocktails, Fruit juice drinks & kid-friendly party drinks

Syrup blends for flavoured hot coffee, cold coffee / cold brew / Espresso

Syrup blends for flavoured hot tea / chai & iced tea

Syrup blends for soaking home-baked cakes and to layer in cheesecakes

Syrup blends to amplify pancakes for breakfast. Kids love it

Syrup blends to enhance desserts, sweets, yogurts & ice-creams

60ml sample packs to try. Choose all your favourites and then come back to order bigger bottles.

Multi-purpose syrup blends that you can use daily for various drinks or food menus

Super easy mixing. Make delicious drinks at home. Be #AatmaNirbhar bartender.

100% Vegetarian product. It has 120 days shelf life. Refrigerate after opening.

With 250ml bottle, you can make 8-10 mocktails, and about 12-15 cocktails

Proudly made in India with 100% real fruits, herbs, and spices.

Our clients include: The Bombay Canteen, Toit, Permit Room, Third Wave Coffee Roasters, Reservoire, Coffee First Bangalore, Truffles, Watsons, Arbor Brewing Company, 13th Floor, Sheraton Grand, Taj Hotels among many others.

The Bombay Canteen, Third Wave Coffee Roasters,
Arbor, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, Byg Brewsky
Toit, The 13th Floor, Watson's

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