Swa Twisted Pina Colada Recipe

  Piña Colada is a bit crappy among cocktail connoisseurs. Over the years, this now classic drink has been a symbol of the blender boom,


Simple Jamun Kala Khatta Sharbath

  In the hot summer, who doesn’t like Kala khatta or Jamun drinks? In the childhood of children in the 1980s and 1990s, kala khatta


Delicious Kokum Sharbath Twist

  Kokum is a beautiful, dark-purple coloured fruit indigenous to the Western Ghats. The fruit belongs to the family of mangosteen, the exotic fruit of


Simple Kokum Sharbath Recipe

Healthy and refreshing cool drink or beverage prepared mainly from the kokum fruit or garcinia indica. The summer is here, and needless to say, we

Swa artisanal syrups mojito mint

Swa Mojito Mint Ice crusher

This mint mojito slushie is an ice-cold beverage, with the cool refreshing flavour of the mojito mint syrup getting accentuated by the crushed ice.

Swa artisanal syrups hibiscus tea

Swa Hibiscus Tea Whisky Cocktail

This hibiscus whisky cocktail is a super simple but elegant drink, especially when paired with premium whiskies! Try out this recipe now!

Tamarind shikanji

Swa Tamarind Shikanji Alco-Slushie

This Tamarind Shikanji cocktail slushy is one to be thrilled about. This Indian classic gets a modern retouch with this recipe, everso presently uplifting the flavours in a fun way!

Swa artisanal syrups OM

Swa Orange Twist Recipe

This orange mint martini is a cult classic. Brilliant for any occasion! The flavours go so well with the light rum 🙂

Swa artisanal syrups mango passion

Exotic Mango Passion Mocktail

This super exotic feeling drink is unique, with only the addition of chia seeds. Completely changing the whole drinking experience. Try out this scrumptious mango passion recipe!

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