Swa mango syrup

Swa Tropical Passion Punch Cocktail Recipe!

Summer in a bottle! This cocktail is a round-up of the most iconic summer fruits of India in a delectable mixture combing richness and lush of each of the flavours! Featuring Mango, Passion Fruit and Pineapple!

Swa Cocoa

Cocoa Syrup Addons!

Top up pancakes, ice creams, cakes, fruits + more, and take it to the next level with this amazing cocoa flavour. So get creative with Swa’s Cocoa Syrup! It’s both Yummy and Natural!


Swa Jaggery Lime Cocktail

Our jaggery syrup is a super versatile recipe that you can use for many different types of alcohol, especially some chilly summertime lemonades

Swa Citrus Virgin Mojito Mocktail Recipe

Swa Citrus Mojito Mocktail Recipe

Originally a popular Cuban drink, the Mojito has had a fanbase of many prominent people, like Ernst Hemmingway. It became even more popular since it was featured in a James Bond film.


Summertime Kokum Berry Cocktail Recipe

Our kokum cumin and summer berries mix and mash so well together! The flavours they resonate with are so authentically Indian, you’d be surprised you made this yourself!


Swa Lychee Lemon Martini

This martini is delightfully smooth on your palate. The sharpness of the vodka gets finely cut by the rich soft texture of the lychee lemon.

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