Swa Mango Passion
Swa Mango Passion

Swa Chilli Mango Passion Cocktail Recipe

Mango aur mirchi, A great match indeed. The sweetness of the mango is pleasantly cut by the chilli and salt rimmed glass. A great addition to spice up your cocktail/mocktail mixing game. Works especially well with white spirits!

Swa Mango Passion

Swa Mango Martini Recipe

This is a quick and easy way to fix yourself up a light and tropical cocktail in under two minutes. This recipe is perfect to embrace that summer feeling any time of year! Goes great with a hearty meal or even if you just want a drink to just keeping sipping after an exhausting day.

Swa Mango Passion

Swa Mango Passion Daiquiri Recipe

A Daiquiri would most often be seen in slushie form usually in a lush strawberry flavour, we’re switching that out for Swa’s Delicious Mango Passion for a tropical twist! A fun and lively cocktail for all to enjoy!

Swa artisanal syrups jungle punch with orange mint and tropical passion

Tropical Jungle Punch Cocktail Recipe

This recipe is not for the faint-hearted! With the use of white rum, tequila and vodka! This cocktail will leave you dazed and confused! Leaving you craving more, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Swa artisanal syrups Kokum cumin

Kokum Cumin Earthquake Cocktail Recipe

The earthquake is a scary cocktail for many, especially due to it’s inclusion of absinthe in the recipe. We have added a slight Indian twist with the use of our signature kokum cumin blend which goes great with some whiskey or cognac!

Swa artisanal syrups Paloma with tequila

Swa Summer Berry Paloma Cocktail Recipe

This exquisite cocktail originated from Mexico, la paloma roughly translates to “the dove”. This recipe just tweaks it so as to beautifully incorporate our Swa Summer Berry Syrup with some clean tequila and soda!

Swa artisanal syrups Shandy

Swa Lemon Ginger Naariyal Paani Shandy Recipe

A super easy and refreshing drink is a concontion of our beautiful lemon ginger coconut paired with a can of beer and a dash of vodka! A fun and unique twist to the regular ol’ shandy!

Swa mango syrup

Swa Tropical Passion Punch Cocktail Recipe!

Summer in a bottle! This cocktail is a round-up of the most iconic summer fruits of India in a delectable mixture combing richness and lush of each of the flavours! Featuring Mango, Passion Fruit and Pineapple!

Swa Cocoa

Cocoa Syrup Addons!

Top up pancakes, ice creams, cakes, fruits + more, and take it to the next level with this amazing cocoa flavour. So get creative with Swa’s Cocoa Syrup! It’s both Yummy and Natural!


Swa Jaggery Lime Cocktail

Our jaggery syrup is a super versatile recipe that you can use for many different types of alcohol, especially some chilly summertime lemonades

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