Recipe Category: Swa Hibiscus Tea


Jamun Hibiscus Mocktail Recipe

Khallalkhatta is a famous street drink in India but the addition of the hibiscus just takes you from the streets to the garden! A beautiful blend of spices ad fragrances leaving both your senses tingling!


Swa Summer Berry Spritz Recipe (Berry Combo)

Magical Secrets and Floral Fragrances with Gordon’s London Dry Gin enhanced with SWA Summer berries, hibiscus and some pomegranate. A delectable bomb of flavour and fragrances with our Berry Combo.


Swa Tangy Love Mocktail Recipe

If you’re looking for a fun and exotic non-alcoholic drink to try out, this Hibiscus mocktail recipe is the one for you! Christened ‘tangy love’ because of the Orange and Hibiscus flavours used that provide an interesting and decadent beverage to sip on.

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