Mocktails & Party Drinks Combo – Pack of 4 (250ml x 4)

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  • Combo includes kids’ favourite flavours – Orange Mint, Lychee Lemon, Cocoa (for chocolate milk), Tamarind Shikanji
  • 100% Natural with no added preservatives, colours, or artificial flavours. Made with real fruits, herbs, and spices. Shipped in glass bottles.
  • Handcrafted by women with love. This is a women-owned and run initiative.
  • Each 250ml bottle makes 8-10 mocktails. Thus each restaurant-style, premium quality drink will cost under Rs. 30/-
  • Shelf life: 120 days. Refrigerate after opening.
  • You can add one part Swa Syrup to six parts of water and ice (optional) to get a lovely quick and easy Natural Mocktail/Fruit Lemonade that a kid would enjoy.

Mocktails & Party Drinks Combo – Pack of 4 (250ml x 4)

At parties, kids generally have to settle for a cola or a tetra pack juice filled with preservatives. With Swa Syrups there are so many options. They are really easy to mix, and also be creative with, if one so wishes. We are also environmentally friendly, instead of buying 10 tetra packs that will go to the landfill, teach your kid to make their own natural drink by mixing in water and syrup. Let us be responsible for our environment.

This combo includes:

  • Orange Mint
  • Lychee Lemon
  • Cocoa (for chocolate milk)
  • Tamarind Shikanji

Message us here for quick and easy drink recipes, some of them are contributed by lovely home chefs/home bartenders like you. Pick this up to re-create a perfectly refreshing chilling session at home.

2 reviews for Mocktails & Party Drinks Combo – Pack of 4 (250ml x 4)

  1. Sangita Shah

    Lemon ginger nariyal paani and pineapple bird’s eye chilli both are amazing. I earned praises from my guests for the drinks I served them using these syrups. No more fizzy colas for us.

  2. Supriya B

    I hosted a party of 10 and we only managed to finish half the bottles! Great value, even better flavour 😀 I personally love the jamun khalakhatta and orange mint!

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