Lemon Ginger Naariyal Paani

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  • 250ml makes 8 – 10 drinks
  • Tender coconut, this fruit/nut took us a while to nail, but we are so happy with the result. This syrup makes the most light, refreshing drink. There is nothing like lemon and ginger coming together with coconut water.
  • Quantity discount: When you buy 2 or more quantities of any single flavours, you get a discount of Rs. 10 and over per bottle.


  • You can add one part Swa Lemon Ginger Naariyal Paani Syrup to six parts of water or soda and ice.
  • For a cocktail, you could add a white spirit, either rum, vodka, or gin, and a splash of some juice and lime for a super fancy drink.
  • See more quick and easy drinks recipes in the Recipes section of this Site. Cheers!

Lemon Ginger Naariyal Paani Syrup 250ml

A delicious signature blend, Lemon Ginger Naariyal Paani, is the yummiest beverage. Period. Do a delicious Moscow mule with it. Or just add it to your water bottle with water and enjoy sipping it all day long. Naariyal Paani was the most difficult to convert into a syrup format. We source our Tender Coconut from Tamil Nadu, and ginger from Karnataka. Swa Lemon Ginger Naariyal Paani syrup is 100% natural and handcrafted in India. Made with real fruits, herbs, and spices. Free of any added preservatives, colours, or artificial flavours.

You can use this syrup to create perfect nariyal paani mocktail and cocktail recipes at home for your house parties and get-togethers. Nonalcoholic drinkers always have to compromise at house parties that have alcohol on offer. One has to settle for a cola or a tetra pack juice filled with preservatives. With Swa Syrups there are so many options that one has for creating both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They are really easy-to-drink recipes to mix at home.

We are also posting quick and easy tender coconut drink recipes on our website, some of them are contributed by lovely home chefs/home bartenders like you. Pick this up to re-create a perfectly refreshing chilling session at home.

See more hassle-free drinks recipe ideas – www.drinkswa.com/recipes

4 reviews for Lemon Ginger Naariyal Paani

  1. Mithil shah (verified owner)

    Good Product, Great Packaging. Love that it is a social enterprise. Also liked their recipes page, not too many recipes were listed when i went there, but it seemed like they have just launched the site for direct consumers. I tried the orange mint mojito and really enjoyed it. The proportion of mixing has to be understood.

  2. Anurakt Jain (verified owner)

    I didnt like Jamun kalakhatta that much, but my wife loved it. I loved the pineapple birds eye, orange mint and also lemon ginger naariyal paani. Think its great value for money. Product has great promise. Thank you.

  3. Vaibhav Shah (verified owner)

    Excellent syrups.One small glitch, the kala khata (jamun) bottle was cracked and was leaking. However barring the logistic mishap, have tried 3 of the 4. I ordered and so far really happy with the flavour balance in all of them. You lot are doing a very good job.

  4. Armaan (verified owner)

    I loved the Syrups so much that I finished them with my friends in a day and ordered a whole bunch of iced teas the very next day as it meant a perfect drink in my hands for work days. Made me feel like I was at a fancy cafe, even though I was just at home, in my balcony 😛

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