Kokam Cumin

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  • 250ml makes 8 – 10 drinks
  • Kokam sharbat has been a staple in the West and Southern parts of India in the Summers. We use the semi-dry, salty variety that is available on the Mangalore Coast. That with some cumin spice and rock salt hits it right home.
  • Quantity discount: When you buy 2 or more quantities of any single flavours, you get a discount of Rs. 10 and over per bottle.


  • You can add one part Swa Kokam Cumin Syrup to six parts water or soda and ice. You can also do a take on sol kadhi with this if you so wish.
  • For a cocktail, you could add a bit of vodka, soda, and ice. Enjoy!
  • See more quick and easy drinks recipes in the Recipes section of this Site. Cheers!

Kokam Cumin Syrup 250ml

A delicious signature blend, kokam cumin syrup will transport you to Coastal Karnataka or Maharashtra in no time at all. We had launched this at GinSling Festival with Bombay Sapphire to do a beautiful gin-based cocktail. It moved like hotcakes. Swa Kokam Cumin syrup is 100% natural and handcrafted in India. Made with real fruits, herbs, and spices. Free of any added preservatives, colours, or artificial flavours.

You can use this syrup to create perfect kokam cumin mocktail and cocktail recipes at home for your parties and get-togethers. Kokam has a bunch of health benefits and the quality of ingredients we use is top-notch. Nonalcoholic drinkers always have to compromise at house parties that have alcohol on offer. One has to settle for a cola or a tetra pack juice filled with preservatives. With Swa Syrups there are so many options that one has for creating both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They are really easy to drink recipes to mix at home.

We are also posting quick and easy kokam drink recipes on our website, some of them are contributed by lovely home chefs/home bartenders like you. Pick this up to re-create a perfectly refreshing chilling session at home.
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3 reviews for Kokam Cumin

  1. Rishabh Gupta (verified owner)

    The Syrups are really good. We opened a few flavours with friends. Swa had something for each palette. Made excellent gin and tonics.

  2. Gaurav Bal (verified owner)

    I enjoyed them very much. Did cocktails and mocktails mostly.

  3. Aniket Sharma (verified owner)

    Did 2 litre Batches with vodka, gin and rum (separate flavours and days obviously :)). Works really well when there is a house party. Super easy to mix and have an unique expereince.

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