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Jaggery Lemonade Mocktail Recipe

Lemonade is an all-time refreshing beverage, loved by everyone. Be it after a strenuous workout or in the middle of a packed weekday. A glass of it and you're instantly energised! Here's an easy way to enjoy it without the worry of constantly consuming processed sugar! Simple and adaptable, this Jaggery Lemonade mocktail recipe is pure bliss. Made from concentrated Sugarcane juice, Jaggery is that one product our elders have always endorsed, praising its nutritional value as well calling it a versatile sweetener. In some countries, Jaggery is derived from a variety of Palms and even dates. A popular one being the Toddy palm in India. To prepare this sweet treat, cane juice is heated until it thickens into a pulpy paste. After this, it is spread onto a flat-surfaced vessel, to help it cool faster. Upon cooling, it becomes a soft malleable consistency and is moulded into the desired shape. A great indicator of the quality or purity of Jaggery is its colour. The darker shades are considered highly pure, while lighter golden-yellow shades are taken to be moderately pure. The Swa Jaggery syrup is made from the natural, non-bleached versions, keeping it pure and healthy. As a culinary ingredient, Jaggery is used in a variety of Indian dishes ranging across states. From Sambaar and soups to Gujarati cuisine, it is a staple in most Indian households. Often overlooked, we don't realise how great an alternative it is for Simple Syrup! It is also used to make the timeless Panakam. For anyone looking to cut out processed ingredients, this Jaggery syrup is a must. Kolhapur takes on the title of the largest producer of Jaggery in India, even earning itself a GI tag. Besides culinary delicacies, Jaggery can also be used to season tandoors and even as a natural dye! A favourite of horses, many stables add this healthy ingredient to their meals. This recipe uses the Swa Jaggery syrup. An all-natural concoction, made without the use of artificial ingredients, preservatives or added colours.

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