summer drinks by Swa
5 Refreshing Summer Drinks That Will Delight Your Customers

Cool summer drinks become everybody’s go-to order when the sun turns the brightness to full. So adding refreshing and yummy drinks to your menu is a must for making your cafe thrive! Let’s introduce you to five delightful summer mocktailRead More

Iced teas for HORECA
3 Iced Teas Your Customers Will Love – Include These Now!

Have you been googling “How to make iced teas”? If yes, then let Swa Artisanal Syrups help you!

If there is one thing that defines modern beverage habits, it is experimentation. From exotic drinks to cold brews, today’s generation embraces … Read More

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How to Increase Average Order Value at Your Restaurant

Increasing revenue and driving profitability are essential in the competitive HORECA industry. Wondering how to get your customers to order more? Want to generate more profit without compromising on the quality of service? Then keep reading!

One effective strategy is … Read More

Iced teas
3 Perfectly Unique Iced Tea Flavours You Can Try at Home

Nothing beats a chilled glass of iced tea when the sun is scorching and the temperatures are soaring. Although classic flavors like lemon & mint are everyone’s favorites, it is always fun to explore unique and exotic options. In this … Read More